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My impression — and something that she does say in a jailhouse phone call — is that it was impulsive, but I think we can say it nea impulsive and came from good intentions. Mainly I want a woman who can laugh make me laugh and generally can just have fun.

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I like white or mixed women but not must. She confesses in her laundry room? There is no credible evidence that the publishing of this information harm national security in any way. Dating hasnt been easy with my busy schedule and with all the things in my life at the moment. Petersburg, I believe. Is it, she's like, I'm going to set these people right? And there's no ideological appetite on that side either. This is her third birthday that she spent in prison — she just had a birthday.

They really, really did do some gnarly stuff and you should take this seriously.

Accused nsa leaker reality winner says she smuggled classified docs in her pantyhose: documents

And it's like, Who are those people? We know about that thanks to both forensic reports from private firms, from statements put up by the intelligence agencies, and also most comprehensively the Mueller indictments that walk through the hacking lookjng. The first thought was like, "Who is the kind of person who's named Reality and to which household does a baby come that then gets named Reality?

She's hilarious in her FBI interrogation. It's not like learning Spanish. But like Michael Flynn who She was looking for jobs abroad and they took that to be incriminating.

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She's someone who's very animated by social justice, really cares about global causes particularly, she goes into the Air Force with a kind of view that this would lookinng a means to that end. So, the Air Force trains her as a linguist. And that is really And I think it's been really frustrating to her family that not only other leakers like say, Auusta, or the president has also shared classified information, have not been punished in the same way.

Independent news has never been so important.

As professional Curvy and a little chubby also fine. She's like, No, you guys, I aa you and you're right about so many things, but you're wrong about this and I want to just show you that you're wrong. She gets these language skills. She's trying to go abroad, but there just isn't that opportunity. There are young people, people who have been pulled into this world that's completely hidden.

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She's just one of these millennials who crosses lines, right? I'm going to learn these languages and then I'm not going to use these languages to eavesdrop. Respond with your fave color in subject line so I gir, you are real. It appeared in The Intercept when what it demonstrated seemed to be in some tension with the kind of posture of some of the most prominent editorial voices there. And so, when it comes time to mount a defense, there's very little available to her defense team.

About me. Some has been made public, some has been made sort of half-public. That it's built in. And it's like, who are those people, right? My understanding is there's a security system on the printer.

Reality winner, former n.s.a. translator, gets more than 5 years in leak of russian hacking report

She was denied bail and ultimately sentenced to five years in federal prison. Brittany and Reality. The folks on the left, who are very skeptical of intelligence agencies, and the so-called deep state, fit awkwardly with what she was trying to demonstrate in her leak, which was to convince the folks at The Intercept that the Russia thing is real. How does this person who is so invested in social justice, thinks of herself as someone who raises awareness about all these causes, about what she has great anxiety, like global warming and Syrian War orphans and African elephants?

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They put into public unredacted, unclassified indictments that are meant for public consumption the exact information — that is supposed gil harm national security — that she leaked. I'm not an investigative reporter but my understanding is when you get a leaked document, you never share the image of that document with the agency from which it was leaked, because that has traceable information.

She's trying to go abroad. In fact, a lot of it hasn't been made public subsequently. Also, she has lawyers in Atlanta and Augusta and elsewhere, but they can't talk about the case unless they're in a SCIFso it's very hard for them to even coordinate.

Why is this happening?: explaining why reality winner is still in prison with kerry howley: podcast and transcript

It's called Who Is Reality Winner? At this point, do we know what her sort of feelings are about, I don't know, the war on terror, the American state, the American military industrial complex, her role in all of it?

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So, there's not this sort of like built-in kind of base to support Reality Winner on the elements on the left ideological spectrum, that have been the sort of base for support of intelligence, whistleblowers and leakers. I wanted to know why this information hadn't already been leaked. It starts with her ing up with the Air Force, which is something that I think she saw as a humanitarian act. And in the summer ofJunethere was an article about this effort.

Only one of those people had downloaded a transcript from The Intercept.

Nea, there's basically three prongs to Russian interference in the election — two of which we basically have comprehensive knowledge about or a lot of knowledge aboutand one of which remains somewhat murky and occluded.