A Dead Stop under the carburetor or gas pedal is Permitted. Throttle timers and counters are Prohibited.

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Adult fun in Sturgis

Sturgis Dragway and the Rules and Safety Committee reserves the right to change, alter, revise or add rules and regulations as it deems appropriate to insure competitive fairness for all competitors. All Safety and General Regulations of the NHRA Rules I and any interpretations, questions, or protests will be at the final discretion of the race officials, and any interpretation of Rules will be made after consulting with the members of the Rules and Safety Committee present at the Event of the Day.

Throttle timers and counters are Prohibited. If any driver stages on an incorrect dial-in, the driver will be considered to have accepted the error and the race will Sturgs be rerun.

Adult fun in Sturgis

Your competition must be minimum of 6" 4" on Bikes and Sleds high with class deation 3" high. All motorized pit vehicles golf carts, ATV's, motorcycles, mini bikes, etc.

Adult fun in Sturgis

Glass Containers are prohibited anywhere on the Sturgis Dragway premises. All spectators must the Release Wavier of Liability form prior to entrance of the Track Premises.

In no event will any driver or crew member be allowed to check their Transbrake, Stall Converter, or Line Lock anywhere Stufgis the premises except in the burnout box and on track unless their vehicle is on jack stands. All Drivers, Crews, Spectators must a Waiver and Release of Liability form at in booth prior to entry into the track property.

These rules were voted upon and agreed upon by the committee for the Safety and Competitive fairness at Sturgis Dragway.

Adult fun in Sturgis

Only competitors and crew members are allowed in these area's. The virus will infect whoever it can get close to, so this is a ridiculous thing to have in the middle of the pandemic. Numeric display boards are acceptable.

It all happens here.

The Track Tech Official or Track Operator shall have the final word on all controversial decisions and in the Adupt a competitor does not agree with the ruling, the competitor shall request that both the track tech official and track operator discuss the issue prior to final ruling. No glass containers are allowed on Sturgis Dragway premises at anytime.

Dial-In parameters for each class are listed in the class section of the rules and will strictly enforced. While headliners were seen performing outside, concerts were also held indoors in bars, including Full Throttle Saloon seen below.

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This is for the safety and courtesy to the other competitors and the track cleanup help. These rules will also be posted at the Track near the Tech Booth or Tower Area and each member of the Rules and Safety Committee will have a set of these rules with them. Any Race Vehicle that is running must Sgurgis all cases have a d driver seated in the drivers compartment who is complete control of the vehicle.

In the event a competitor is experiencing mechanical problems, said competitor will be allowed to finish the event that day in their respective class even if they are running slower than the dial-in parameters, so long as the driver has consistently ran in that class for the 3 preceding events they have participated in at Sturgis Dragway.

Sturgis motorcycle rally

One passenger is Studgis during Test and Tune with the permission of the Tech Inspector and only in the event Styrgis passenger is equipped with the same safety equipment required by the driver in their respective classes. The first foul by any competitor will automatically give the win to the remaining competitor unless the remaining competitor is disqualified for any reason outlined in the NHRA rule book.

These rules are posted and dAult encourage the purchase of a NHRA rule book. Also all Pit Vehicle operators must have a valid drivers. Once a competitor has staged their vehicle, they will be considered to have accepted anything that may or may not have occurred prior and will not be afforded any ruling by the track official after the race has been run.

Adult fun in Sturgis

All vehicles must be used in a safe manor and will be monitored. When you look at the videos from Sturgis now, there are very few people wearing masks.

Sturgis motorcycle rally your guide to a guaranteed good time

In the event that both drivers breakout, then the competitor with the lesser breakout shall be awarded the win. Any Driver that fails to adhere to the 5 mph speed limit in the return road, pit area, or spectator areas shall be subject to disqualification from the event. With news being updated so frequently, some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. Lanes can only be changed if both drivers agree.

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No Refunds or Exchanges after the first round of time trials began. A mechanical forfeiture or failure to report to the line within the prescribed time frame by any competitor will be considered a mechanical bye for the remaining competitor and will not be considered to be a bye for the purpose of this paragraph. All vehicles need to be race ready upon purchasing a Race Entry.

Any attempt to play one official off against the other will be grounds for immediate disqualification from the event. No riding double on an ATV without one adult on board. This rule will be enforced!! ATV 4wheelers riders under the age of 18 will be required to wear a helmet, and be single riders only. A Dead Stop under the carburetor or gas pedal is Permitted. Asult

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KathyParkNBC has the latest from Sturgis, South Dakota, where an annual motorcycle rally, which gathers hundreds of thousands, will be held without a mask requirement. NHRA Rules provide that the driver with the stalled vehicle wins the race, doesn't matter if the stalled vehicle ever finishes the run. A driver stages, their engine kills upon launch, Sturigs driver fouls Red Light, Breaks Out, etc. For this reason, we are encouraging Strgis to use online resources from local public health departmentsthe Centers for Disease Controland the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.

In no event will a competitor be allowed to remain in any class if they run faster than the dial-in parameters set for that class.