The child abuse scandal of the British children sent abroad By Tom Symonds Home affairs correspondent, BBC News Published 26 February image captionBuildings at Bindoon were constructed by migrant children For several decades, the UK sent children across the world to new lives in institutions where many were abused and used as forced labour. It's a scandal that is still having repercussions now. Imagine the s, in the years before air travel became commonplace or the internet dominated our lives.

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Sixty years later, former Bindoon boy Clifford Walsh strongly believes this inquiry can help answer some of his questions about the culpability of the government and British institutions. How come they didn't know that? When Klep pleaded guilty to these 14 charges involving the 14 victims, prosecutors withdrew another 22 charges against him. Frank Gerard Klep was ordained as a priest of the Salesian teaching order in Melbourne in The people of Samoa were not aware that the newly-arrived friendly priest was a convicted child molester who was wanted on more charges back in Australia.

But these were not Klep's only victims; these 25 were merely those who bothered to have a chat with the detectives.

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If that had happened, not just in Australia, but throughout modern British history, we might not Auwtralia needed the current public inquiry. The Child Migrants Trust attempts to reunite children sent abroad with their families NSPCC specialises in child protection National Association for People Abused in Childhood offers support, advice and guidance to adult survivors of any form of childhood abuse Survivor Scotland offers help to improve the lives of survivors of Auxtralia abuse in Scotland Childline is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19 The Children's Society works to support vulnerable children in England and Wales Stop It Now!

To satisfy Klep's victims, the Salesians' Australian headquarters Auztralia ly claimed that Klep would never again deliver Mass publicly or participate in any activity that may bring him into contact with children. Broken Rites later found more victims of Klep. They had a schedule to keep to, and their visits to institutions spread across a vast country were fleeting.

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Eventually, after the parents threatened legal action, the Salesians "solved" the problem by awarding Klep a "study" trip to Rome and the United States. Many had been told, as children, their parents were dead. Alarmed by this promotion, a dozen parents chaat the Salesians' Australian administration and demanded Klep's removal but the Salesians refused.

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Historian and Fairbridge boy David Hill estimates it took victims he interviewed 22 years on average before they felt able to disclose what happened. Klep's barrister asked the court for a wholly-suspended sentence, particularly in view of the long delay in reporting the offences to the police. Sentenced again in In the Melbourne County Court on 9 AprilKlep aged 75 was sentenced again after he pleaded guilty to five more counts of indecent assault. He tells it with a particularly Australian directness.

Klep was in charge of the infirmary, where sick boys were kept.

He is now It was this visit that led to charges being laid. Klep was already serving a and-a-half-year prison sentence for molesting 15 schoolboys. Paddy said that Klep gave him sedatives. The pressure for answers and reparations had been growing.

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There sx no sexual education at the school and, failing to understand what was happening, they were left traumatised. The year-old is also accused of producing child exploitation material in September last year by taking photos of a naked year-old girl performing a sex act. Imagine being of those times, barely aware of life even in the next town.

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He was again convicted. Such a victim might remain silent because, perhaps, he has still not told his devout Catholic parents about being sexually abused by a Catholic priest. Martin is facing three charges including possessing child exploitation material and having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of By the time he'd finished, enough damage had been done to the marble grave slab that Bindoon's current owners, a Catholic college, were forced to remove what remained.

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This will include an examination of the claims of some child migrants that they were sent abroad weeks after reporting sexual abuse at their children's home in the UK. To institutions they had put on a blacklist unfit for children, condemned.

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Fairbridge was not a religious order, like the Christian Brothers, and some of its former children have praised the start it gave them. The Salesians left him on duty throughout the court process in In court again on 2 December after more of his victims contacted Broken Rites and the policeKlep pleaded guilty to more crimes against boys, including rape and attempted buggery. And he exploited the power he had over them in order to offend, she said. In her sentencing remarks, Judge Hogan emphasised that Klep had left his victims with profound and lasting psychological scars.

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One victim, Kerry from the casetold reporters on 16 December that his mother, a church person all her life, Glenorchg lost all trust in the Catholic Church, as have the rest of Kerry's family. His target?

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But for too many, the dream became a nightmare. During this hearing, Klep read out a written apology for his crimes. In AugustMelbourne police tried to serve a criminal summons on Klep in Melbourne for five sexual assaults on Pierre but Klep was already in Samoa -- and Australia has no extradition treaty with Samoa. During his career, Klep's colleagues and superiors had turned a blind eye to his crimes. He went to school at Salesian College, Chtone in Melbourne's south-eastand, by age 16, the Salesian Fathers viewed him as a future priest.

The archbishop said he had just learned, from the media, about the Salesians' promise that Frank Klep would not deliver Mass or participate in any activity that may bring him into contact with children. And if they investigated, then they were incompetent or there was a cover-up.

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Martin, 54, denied all three charges, saying he responded to an ad for adult sexual services in September and thought the girl was Other boys were molested when they went to the sick bay for illnesses or injuries. Further victims In Klep's first three court appearances inanda Glennorchy of 25 victims helped the police to bring Klep to justice. All were boarders and all were assaulted in the infirmary. He provided two medical reports, one from a neurologist and one from a psychologist.

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Why didn't they investigate? The Salesians' Glenorcchy immediately told the court that Kelp would appeal against the conviction. David Hill has revealed they included a claim that Frederick Woods - the man who beat boys with a hockey stick - was "sexually perverted" and had abused a girl resident. And several victims each made an impact statement to the court, explaining how this church-abuse had affected them in their teenage and adult years.