Even in a small apartment or a co-working space that is always changing, remote workers should clearly define their workspace. While there are certainly moments where that can be the case, this can also lead to blurred lines of when the mind is supposed to be at ease versus active. I always encourage employees to create a space that is dedicated to work, just as an office would be.

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The issue of overtime pay While some companies have clear policies on payment e. Tracking overtime also helps employees ensure they receive rightful compensation for total overtime worked. Good management recognizes and respects the importance of personal lives outside of work. For employees with limited space in their household, even something as simple as a folding table and chair can make a world of difference in avoiding the lure of working in bed.

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This too will help in creating boundaries. It comes with a whole host of problems, many of which are more overt than others.

While someone who is available to work extra time can benefit, someone with more personal commitments can find the practice unfair. Other companies allow you to counterbalance overtime by leaving early later in the week, or put the time worked towards extra vacation days.

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Working overtime can also be extremely sant for company culture. Even when people choose to stay late, and do so because they genuinely want to, it works to slowly normalize overtime.

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Offer autonomy and flexibility: Allowing workers to take advantage of their natural productivity flows and manage their own working schedules offers them independence and autonomy. People usually do it because eee have to, not because they choose to — typically as a result of projects swelling out of proportion, or because someone got their estimates wrong. Sites like Strict Workflow help you structure your time with the Pomodoro methoda time management technique that has you divide your time into minute sessions of deep focus with breaks in-between.

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When a blog post I've written on behalf of a client goes live, I'll send the link along via Slack. It's important to consider that overtime can also: Give workers the opportunity to earn more: Extra hours can often mean getting paid time and a half, or sometimes even double pay. In order to be truly beneficial, working overtime should always be met with some form of compensation — and that should be satisfactory for the employee, not just the employer.

But overtime can also be an opportunity: something that people voluntarily commit to for additional compensation or greater schedule flexibility.

But these pros and cons are not always this clear-cut. Serially front-loading your week with work is rarely sustainable, in contrast to scheduling a manageable, regular flow of work throughout.

In all these cases, overtime is clearly a reflection of poor leadership. For example, I handle a lot of content exchanges.

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Short-term benefits can often usher in deeper long-term issues. Communication breakdown: Overtime also indicates communication issues more widely. It le to the problem of presenteeismwhere employees think they have to put in overtime — and be noticed doing so — if they want to succeed. A recent study found that the average American worked an extra 23 hours each month just to be more visible! The ability to work overtime means you can capitalize on your natural workflow, which may not fit into working pattern… and make money in the process.

I always encourage employees to create a space that is dedicated to work, just as an office would be. Automatic time trackers are ideal for those who want accurate records with minimal effort.

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So should workplaces always guard against it? Toxic company culture: Many workplaces have a culture of staying late, beyond contractual working hours. This is a huge issue in employment law in Europe, with a EU directive introducing mandatory employee time tracking for all member states.

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For those who offer employees time uou lieu for overtime, it can be useful for fitting work around personal commitments — working slightly later on a Monday so you can leave earlier on a Wednesday, or come in slightly later on a Thursday. This is one of the biggest s of a toxic working culture — one where employees are seen as limitless resources, instead of people. Experiment with different techniques.

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Other people will feel obliged to stay late because everyone else does, brewing resentment… not an environment you want to spend extra Alwyas in! Having a working from home wardrobe that is different from your other wardrobe is a surprisingly effective way to make this transition.

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Keep on top of individual employee overtime patterns you can use tracking for this too to ensure people are taking necessary breaks from work, and make space for quality rest. Even in a small apartment or a co-working space woro is always changing, remote workers should clearly define their workspace. But there are other adverse effects.

Spending too long in the office owrk cause employees to lose motivation and become disengaged. Worse still, others offer nothing at all. Working overtime: exploitation or opportunity? Slack it up Most companies with remote teams use Slack or a similar cloud-based collaboration service.

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While there are certainly moments where that can be the case, this can also lead to blurred lines of when the mind is supposed to be at ease versus active. Otherwise it le to accusations of wage theft awnt non-compliance with minimum wage legislation. Can it actually be a positive option for employees, or should it always be see as something undesirable — the mark of an unstable and potentially exploitative workplace?

Download apps that block out internet distractions Rebecca Safier, founder, Allways Blisschampions anti-procrastination apps as a great productivity hack for remote workers.

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Gou, if certain employees leave at the normal time but other employees stay late, decisions can be made that are not collaborative, leading to miscommunication and frustration. The US also recently introduced new overtime rules in increasing the legal salary threshold eligible for overtime pay. The benefits of overtime That said, there are cases where overtime offers certain benefits for workers.

This can help many remote workers [determine] where they can and cannot be productive.