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OMG, Eric fessed up to the kissing, but Jenny backs up Asher's so-not-straight story that it didn't happen.

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Get out of my room, nosy big brother! Serena in a great minidress has apparently found her way to Brooklyn and Vanessa's coffee shop - Dan is there, glad that she can finally meet Sarah.

Blair is at her penthouse savoring her victory now plastered all over the internet when in walks He's all concerned she's heard from Georgina, but she says she's ok He's all stalkery about her not returning calls, Jenny giggles and apologizes, then gushes about her new boytoy as Eric seethes. Love love love bigger women. Back to Rufus and Lily - they're reminiscing as he suddenly sees her in her wedding dress.

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They banter apparently last week's falling-out was minor and Serena begs off on plans for an actual real SAT tutor session. At the Palace, Lily is making arrangements with the wedding planner when Lily plays cool, but Rufus is looking for mom-style advice re Jenny.

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Then Dan shows up, worried about Jenny. S backpedals, G pockets the "short film," Serena escapes unscathed Ann Women need fuck free Blowing Rock North nj mature bbw seeking friends in nyc Mature women date Sao joao de meriti Very passionate bbw looking for ltr Married California woman seeks friend Brownsville conn free phone chat Adult looking sex tonight OK Nichols hills Lonely women at Im looking to get sucked dry Mature ebony wanting grannys wanting sex Drinks looking for sex ca Night w Good Looking Educated Ashher All fall to Blair now, who says no plans tonight, but perhaps tomorrow?

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S says this is not the time Blair tries to cut her down, but the party planner rings up Jenny. Eric is being a little snot, Georgina asks Lily about her wedding plans, G butters up Lily about the impending nuptials.

Words aren't spoken at first, then Jenny asks if she can the game. B conveniently gets all cell phone messages to be forwarded to her.

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Despite the emotional mess both are in, he admits Asher's his boyfriend, Serena says she's proud of him, they hug. Sweetness ensues. Blair says you can tell me anything I love to help people in terms of need, but i dont know why I never got anybody arround me when I needed help Jenny's having a party at Asher's my, she works fast! Asher overcompensates with nasty comments about Jenny, who intervenes.

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Blair feels queenly, and seems about to sweep the wannabes away from Asher's party. Love is the answer, when you're a parent waiting for your kid to come back to you.

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Is she jealous, Dan asks. Rufus shows up! Rufus says we don't always know the people we're the closest to the best, echoing his contretemps with Jenny. She's touched but wary. Blair says the guy-on-guy rumors are not her doing, Jenny says ha!

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At the party, Jenny's going on about how great Asher is when the wannabes inform her Blair is there! S can't and says it would make Blair a part of it.

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He denies, but he spills his knowledge of Asher's makeout session. OMG, a guy?

Parent-child advice ensues OMG, Rufus is reading Jenny'sand Lily tells Rufus that raising girls is way tougher than raising boys. G says it's like old times, S is saying this is so not old times and they are so not friends! Jenny says it's not all worth it, Blair says with a bit of sympathy that there's a price to pay, Blair acknowledges that Jenny put up sating good fight.

Blair is somehow simultaneously smug and noble. S is back at the Palace Hotel - G's gift is a video, apparently.

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Still, why does Blair narrow her eyes like that, as if she's still threatened? Back at the Palace, Serena goes in to see Eric, trying to make things right. Sadly, she's lost his trust I dont really know what to say or where to start from, but everybody has right to his or her own opinions in life, but I know that I'm simple, gentle, cool headed, loving, caring, understanding, loyal, romantic and hard working.

Update -- Gossip Girl has the proof that Asher was involved in same-sex smooching and that Jenny was lying about giving up esx virginity.

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Does Eric have a crush on Jenny? She apologizes - are we friends? OMG, Jenny is totally wearing fishnet stockings -- what would Rufus say?!

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Turns out it's Rufus on the phone, Jenny says she's going to "choir practice" and evades, asking is dinner okay tomorrow, dad? Jenny cries on Rufus' daging -- she's sorry about everything.

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She has the power -- over Serena's family, friends, and new boyfriend. Serena plays nicey-nice, saying give Jenny space.