How you catch Zika virus infection Most cases of Zika virus disease are spread datse infected mosquitoes biting humans. Unlike the mosquitoes that spread malaria, affected mosquitoes the Aedes mosquito are most active during the day, especially during mid-morning, then late afternoon to dusk.

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Journalist Elaine Chong s Samantha Sun, an exotic dancer who employs East Asian stereotypes as part of her routine, on stage at an all-East Asian circus performance. Your midwife or hospital doctor will discuss the risk with you and can arrange an ultrasound scan of your baby to monitor growth. Elaine meets up with Singaporean pop star Ming Bridges and comedian Datws Mok, to discuss this strained and often unhealthy relationship with food.

Screening tests for Zika are not available for those without symptoms. To reduce your risk of infection, you should avoid being dafes by an Aedes mosquito.

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If you ln unwell and malaria has been shown not to be the cause, seek medical advice. Some East Asian women are making the most of this perception, and making it work for them by monetising it. Episode two: Beauty Across East Asia an extremely strict formula for beauty is emerging: pale skin, big eyes and a razor-sharp v-shaped jawline. Unlike the mosquitoes ln spread malaria, affected mosquitoes the Aedes mosquito are most active during the day, especially during mid-morning, then late afternoon to dusk.

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Elaine Chong sets out to challenge everything she learned about being East Asian growing up. Zika virus is most likely to be detected by currently available uo when symptoms are present. How you catch Zika virus infection Most cases of Zika virus disease are spread by infected mosquitoes biting humans. Specific recommendations for pregnant women considering travel to affected countries or areas can be found in the "other risks" section of the NaTHNaC country information s.

Microcephaly means the baby will have an abnormally small head and can be associated with abnormal brain development.

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Elaine meets up with Rina Sawayama, an out-and-proud British-Japanese popstar, to talk about the challenges British East Asians face when discussing their sexuality with their parents, and how she managed to speak openly with her mum about being bisexual after coming out in an interview. This helps scientists look for better ways to prevent and treat this condition. Investigations might include a blood test and an ultrasound test if you're pregnant.

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Drinking plenty of water and taking paracetamol may help relieve symptoms. You should take extra care to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

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Elaine yk Oli to his latest procedure - one that is going to give him more 'Asian-looking' eyes. You can opt out of the register at any time.

If there are any issues, you'll be referred to a specialist foetal medicine service for further monitoring. Reducing your risk of Zika virus infection Before travelling, seek travel health advice from a GP, practice nurse or a travel clinic, ideally 4 to 6 weeks before you go. Finally Elaine jk drag king Jacqui Bardelang, to talk about how she embraced her queerness at university after supressing it as.

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What if I'm worried that my baby has been affected by Zika? This is also known as congenital Zika syndrome.

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Elaine visits oculoplastic surgeon Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai to find out which procedures she thinks she could benefit from. With Sx reaching every corner of the globe, achieving the K-Pop look has become extremely desirable.

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Some British East Asians can find it difficult to speak to their family about their sexuality, especially if they are part of the LGBT community. If you want to know whether any recent foreign travel temporarily bars you from giving blood, you can call their National Contact Centre on 23 Episode one: Sex Asian porn is the most-watched genre on Pornhub, and East Asian women often find themselves stereotyped and hypersexualised in Western media. When Elaine visits her Chinese relatives, she is often greeted with comments on her weight rather uj a friendly hello.

You should also use condoms during vaginal, anal and oral sex to reduce the risk of sexual transmission. Women should avoid becoming pregnant while travelling in a country or area with a risk for Zika virus transmission.

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If travel is unavoidable, you should take extra care to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. And Elaine speaks to Kacey Coleen Lim, a Filipino beauty queen, to discuss the mind-set she has experienced in the Philippines, where often the lighter skin you have, the more beautiful you are perceived to be. On returning to the UK, you should avoid becoming pregnant for a further 2 months if only the woman travelled, and for 3 months if both partners or just the male partner travelled.

If you're pregnant and have recently returned from a country or an area with a risk of Zika virus transmission, see a GP or midwife and mention where you have been, even if you have not been unwell. If you and your partner are currently in an area with a risk of Zika virus transmission, make sure you use condoms during vaginal, anal and oral sex while travelling and for the duration of Adian pregnancy.

Find out more about preventing infection by sexual transmission If you have experienced Zika symptoms within 2 weeks of returning home, it's recommended that you wait 2 months after full recovery before you try to get pregnant. If you're still concerned after receiving assurances from your healthcare professional and feel more anxious or stressed than usual, you can Asuan a GP or midwife for referral to further Aian.

She visits body confidence coach Michelle Elman to get some help with her long-standing body issues, and to see if she can exorcise childhood demons about her weight. Speak to your midwife or doctor for advice.

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Ken sez Elaine speak to JT Tran, a dating coach, to see how East Asian men are affected in the dating world, and how JT thinks they can improve their confidence. Plastic surgery is less stigmatised in East Asian communities than it ik in the West, with many parents almost expected to offer it to their children if they think they need it to be more stereotypically attractive. Episode three: Bodies Food can often be a way for British East Asians to communicate with their family and heritage, but the pressure to ib weight often exists at odds with this.

Is this a way for East Asian women to reclaim control over their sexuality, or is her show giving a free pass to men to sexualise them?

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And why has watching videos of other people gorging on food online become so popular? Discuss your travel plans with a GP, practice nurse or travel clinic.

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Publicity contact: MA. The risk of developing GBS after a Zika virus infection is currently unknown, but thought to be very low. These measures should be taken during travel and for 3 months: after the start of symptoms if he does experience Zika symptoms or a Zika virus infection has been confirmed by a doctor after his return home if he has no Zika symptoms How Zika virus infection is treated There's no specific treatment for Zika virus symptoms. While East Asian women often find themselves hypersexualised, East Asian men like comedian Ken Cheng ln often find themselves desexualised in the West, seen as weak or undesirable.

If your male partner has travelled to an area with risk for Zika virus transmission, you should use effective contraception to prevent pregnancy.