Origins of the name[ edit ] William Aiton's Ayrshire map showing 'Lamberton'. The lands of Lambroughton lie in the parish of Dreghorn.

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Contact About I am ready for love. I work for what I want and won't settle. A cran in Scots was a " crane " or " heron " and the 'shaw' or small wood is still present. Ainslie in only names Lambriegtonend and Lambriegton for Mid Lambroughton.

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The old bridge here, with its proximity to the 'Old Toun', may have been the Lambroch Bridge marked on Pont's map. See the note on Maid Morville's Mound commemorating the drowning of a De Morville daughter at a ford on the river Irvine near Dreghorn.

As noted elsewhere, in Sir John Cunninghame Bart. Lambroughton Crossro[ edit ] The Lambroughton Crossro were the zrea for festivities where the farm hands would meet for singing, dancing and trials of strength.

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Bonus if you know who K-9 is. The first wheeled vehicles to be used in Ayrshire Ar carts offered gratis to labourers working on Riccarton Bridge in Details of the Lairds of Lambroughton are contained within the papers of Dick Cunyngham mariedd Prestonfield, Midlothian. A forgotten tragedy is that of the accidental drowning at Floors of their month-old son, William Wylie Mair, on 10 September The records of Dreghorn Parish church give these dates as ot family tradition was to become church elders.

A well-made lane runs from Laigh Castleton down to the River Annick. Alton, Wheatrig and Hillhead and Cranshaw Farms[ edit ] Wheatrig farm in Little Alton Alton end in - 91 [25] had a sluice and a dam indicated in the OS, causing the Garrier Burn to form a pond in the area on the opposite side of the lane.

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He is known to have helped guard the Stewarton Laigh Church graveyard against the yAr of body snatchers. Lambroughtonend Farm no longer exists, having been replaced by East lambroughton. The OS map of clearly shows the routes taken and the map shows only the old entrance onto the Irvine road. James lived in East Lambroughton in the and censuses.

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Ploughing in this field did not bring up any stones, suggesting that this was a wooden building. They were replaced in by the County Councils, but survived with a few vestigial functions until Laigh Castleton could also have been the miller's dwelling and maroed, however it does not appear on a map by name until around [32] and it is missing from Aitken's in ; the map has a building indicated, but it is named Mill, despite being set well back from the river.

The old entrance onto the Chapeltoun to Kilmaurs road is no longer in use, but it sijgle represent part of the original route of the road and some evidence of a road running singpe the farmyard and out to run behind Laigh Castleton farm is evident from ground conditions.

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Its lands encompass all of the field running down to the woods. It is likely that the Lambroughton mentioned in the early records refer to the site the farm now known as Townhead of Lambroughton.

Thomas Oliver. He died there on 17 October Robert the Brucewho ruled from torewarded his loyal supporters, the Cunninghames, by granting the lands of Lambrachton and Polquharne also Polcarn to a Hugo de Cunynghame of Lambroughton who died without issue and in the king then gave the lands of Lambrachton and Grugere to Robertus de Conyngham of Kilmaurs. The farm is not marked on the Pont's or Armstrong's map. Various mentions are made to a Thirdpart, such as inwhen it was a thirdpart or 5 merkland of Lambroughtoun Robertoune, being in that barony and not part of the Barony of Kilmaurs.

Titwood farm Titwood house Robbie Burns ' uncle, Robert Burnes worked at Titwood Farm, later moved to Stewarton and was buried in the Laigh Kirk where a memorial was erected by public subscription organised by the Stewarton Literary Society.

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The father of Davie Smith of Peacockbank Farm was born here. Robertson [5] records Lambruchton as one of the many lands held by the Laeies Morvilles. Juneaged 62, however Margaret lived on until the age of 92, dying on 22 December She had two children by this marriage, Robert and Catherine. I can be kinda shy at first but then a blast to hang out with.

South Mariee ly also Southeuck or Seurnbenck is near Knockentiber and was part of the tenement of Lambroughton within the barony, showing that the lands of Lambroughton were fairly sizeable at one time. Floors does not however appear on either Pont's — [35] or Armstrong's map.

YAr Robert Aitken's survey and the OS map indicates 'stepping stones' here the old weir and a ford a hundred metres or so upstream. Drains are shown on the Montgomerie Estate map and a small bog is indicated in the corner of the field close to the toll road. Kennedy records that Lambroughton was part of the dowry of a grand-daughter of the High Constable.

It is not clear how the lands were apportioned other than the possible application of the name Ferreres to the farm now known as Floors, and thus a Ferreres to Fluris to Fleurs to Floors transition would provide an explanation.


A traveller named Stanley Macallan lived as an unofficial occupant of the upper room for a while in the late s. The last unrestored working mill in Ayrshire was Coldstream near Beith which last worked in ; the last traditional Ayrshire miller being Andrew Smith. Reid's Family History [23] gives the occupants, but not necessarily the owners, with Alexander Langmuir inJohn inAlexander in and his first wife Isabel nee Langmure and daughter Isabel. See Chapeltoun. A Cranshaw Farm is marked in andbut not marked in In we have Alexander Langmure, John Langmuir inAlexander inJohn Langmuir in and Gabriel Langmuir inwho as stated below, was an owner occupier.

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