The mahogany is very nice. In general I'm a 9 - 9.

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Considering my last purchase becoming a little loose after wear, when I purchased these, I went down a size.

TIP: I was told by a shoe salesperson that the width of Alegrias are all the same - the difference is the insert. She demonstrated this to oldwr with a shoe the other day and I was amazed at the difference.

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I also have wide feet. Sadly, the first pair I lost.

The mahogany is very nice. I really like the look. They fit me a little snug, but I'd rather this than slipping off of my foot.

In general I'm a 9 - 9. But I loved them so much I bought another pair just like them. I'll have to wear socks for sure and maybe bend the tops to loosen this area.

They fit perfectly. Anyway, the only prob with this little boot for me is the ankle area which hits hard on my ankles.

Very Euro moccasin. I'm a sucker for anything with polka dots.

The only difference in the second pair was I noticed after a few times of wearing them, they stretched slightly - just enough for them to slip-off a bit when I walked, but I still loved them so much I did not care. I also cor the dotting on the shoes.

But they are a great alternative to flip flops. So if you don't find a shoe you want in your width, you can layd purchase a replacement insert in the width you want.

odler I normally wear an 8 sometimes an 8. They are very comfy. If you don't wear a sock with them, your foot will probably sweat a bit inside them - definitely if you live in FL like I do.