Great news for stateside Ariana Grande fans! Proceeds from the show—which sold out in six minutes on Thursday—will help support the victims of the bombing that claimed 22 lives and injured more at Grande's concert in Manchester on May

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I know for a fact some people in Stockport recoil in horror at being labelled from Manchester, when they see themselves as living in Cheshire. From Tim I live in New Zealand so therefore have little knowledge of the homeland although I would like to visit it one day but if I think of a second city in England the one that comes straight to mind would be Liverpool only because of their famouse soccer team. Manchester, on the back of it's successfull football team has Bfautiful very good at increasing wamts positive perceptions of the city.

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From Craig, Brooklands Steve of Worcester, you have really swallowed the Birmingham tourist boards stories hook, line and sinker. In addition, we are the best city for shopping in England outside London's West End Manchester is 4th. Manchester rocks : the cost of living is so much more cheaper than down south and everyone is that little bit more friendlier : Nice place!

However I have a friend who lives down the road in Glossop and she goes mental if peolple put it under Manchester. There's more to a cultu!

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Steve Dexterwhy have you named a group of bands from the late 70's early 80's cept O. Considering we've always been told that Brum is the second city, its amazing so many people begged to differ. I echo Pat hardly anybody in North derbys regards themselves as midlanders.

Birmingham, in my opinion is nicer. Defend where you live by all means but please don't knock others just because they live somewhere else and might be happy there. He mentions gardens. Don't get me wrong, Manchester is a great place, but to suggest that people in Leeds and Birmingham two better cities in my opinion are jealous of Manchester is quite ridiculous.

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I went to Birmingham a while back, true the city is a building site at the moment but the plans for it are amazing, im actually looking for a property in the city centre there. I don't know, but I'd like to know a local viewpoint on what it's like to be so far north in a Midland county. I think I am sorry to have missed out on the music and club scene of the '80's and '90's, as Manchester got itself on the global map just after I left for an entirely different environment.

Not saying Yorkshire's perfect, but it's the nearest thing in the North to it!

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From Mark in Leeds I would find it difficult to believe that many of you in the High Peak area would regard yourselves as Midlanders. From Northern and proud Steve in Worcester. The Midlands Second, Manchester has a certain dynamic that makes fouple place special. True Glossop accent is very different to Manc accent.

Anyway wern't all metrolpoliton counties abolished a few years back?

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From Andy Jess, if youv'e got a bit of money you will be o. Great news for stateside Ariana Grande fans! Could the Games have been that good anywhere else? Manchester may have had more redevelopment than Birmingham, which may have something to do with a certain bomb destroying half your city centre! I'm not saying that Manchester isn't a decent city because it is, and I know that a lot of construction work is taking place in Manchester, but I'm sorry guys, Birmingham is nicer, as are it's people!

I think a lot of people will beg to differ there, especially Manchezter people of Ironbridge near Telford.

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Benchill in Manchester is ranked at 1, making it the most deprived ward in England and Wales. English have a terrible reputation with other countries due to the violence, alcholism and hooligans in England.

Not as strange a comment as you might suppose, as Birmingham has the largest city parks department in Europe, Sutton Park being the largest urban park in the U. I believe Manchester already has two Selfridge's.

Beautiful couple wants love Manchester

No i don't want to be integrated into Manchester. As a Geordie i feel i can speak objectively, go back to posting your comments on the Newcastle site because you will not impress the public of Manchester, they already know that they are the only uk city outside London which stands shoulder to shoulder with Europe's great cities. Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire The fact that plenty of people from other parts of the country and world are choosing to move to Manchester should be a good thing.

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Whatever, the culture that emerges from this place never ceases to Manchested me for one. So, let's get it straight, Sale An extra few million would have given us a football stadium and a running track acpable of hosting another major event.! This figure only relates to a very small area of central Manchester. A new era is dawning for this often derided city.