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Jennings sat down with Keith Morrison for over two hours. Some even appeared to have been crying. I don't like those shows I'm too old for CBeebies Love this?

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NBC News Then the judge, matter of factly, issued the order: Jennings would indeed be let out on his own recognizance. But the show continued to air and occasionally I would get calls about it. CommentsTitle,null,"What is the best pizza topping? He answered everything we asked and never once ducked a question.

Raymond Jennings leavnig the courthouse after a judge released him on his own recognizance. Ray Jennings was a security guard there and the first witness police interviewed. CommentsModuleTitle,null,t ,T. Our camera crews waited anxiously outside. I was immediately taken by how driven they were to get justice for Michelle even after nine long years.

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Jennings talked freely to the police for hours, but over time they grew more and more suspicious. They had been given very little information about what happened, smilingg that the decision to release Jennings would be made by a judge at a public hearing. CommentsTitle,null,"Comments" ,T. Username,null,"ApricotLaughingIguana" ,T. Despite all those years in prison, he looked remarkably the same.

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Moments later he emerged wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Apparently many people around the country who had seen the Dateline broadcast were now posting comments on why they thought Jennings was wrongfully convicted. ToTop,null ,T. But nothing like the one I received this past Nustang telling me that Ray Jennings might be released.

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They are waiting to see what happens smiliing a hearing in Januarywhen the current investigation into the case will be complete. Unmaking a Murderer? Michelle O'KeefeNBC News There was no physical evidence linking Jennings to the murder, but police eventually concluded he did it—based smilimg on his own words about the crime. The team at Dateline and correspondent Keith Morrison agreed, so I went to the Antelope Valley to meet the O'Keefe family to get a better understanding of the case.

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The jury looked tense and exhausted as they filed back in. A few weeks later Jennings granted Dateline smiping exclusive interview. The judge granted a third and final trial. Over the years, I would occasionally check online for any news about Jennings. By the summer ofit had been over six years since Keith and I had worked on the story.

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Jennings was put on trial, but the jury hung, unable to reach a verdict. The case finally seemed over.

It seemed like a very compelling story, especially since it was still unresolved. The courtroom was packed with friends and family from both sides. The report received a lot of response and was re-broadcast several times. After nine long years would Jennings finally go free?

Keith Morrison listening during an interview for Dateline's two-hour program on the case. Why did you hide them?

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Component ;return t. Raymond Jennings in court on the day of his sentencing in I immediately contacted the Ehrlichs who explained how they had seen the original Dateline show online a year earlier and had presented a detailed report convincing the CRU that Jennings had been wrongfully convicted. The judge wasn't swayed and sentenced Raymond Lee Jennings to 40 years.

Then we got word that Jennings was indeed being released and leaving from the front door of the courthouse. NBC News Nov. No thanks Looking for CBeebies shows? Throughout, Jennings seemed calm muztang confident.