She was still picturing the scene in the living room, poring through the memory as if it was a film she was studying frame by frame. In fact, Laura had only glimpsed about fifteen seconds of the sexual tableau, but her mind now played the cihll back in ultra-slow motion, bringing it all to vivid life. The sight shook her to the core. My God, what is happening here? Laura shifted restlessly beneath the sheets as the camera of her memory did a slow pan Coke the room, zooming in on the flawless bum of another young girl, a girl she quickly identified as her oldest niece Alice. That perky little arse was in motion, too, thrusting forward and back — and that was when Ckme realised that Alice was wearing a strap-on cock, using it to fuck someone from behind.

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Ooooooh, lick m-my bum! I need this. Then why am I tingling all over? She seemed about to scream out loud, but all that issued from her throat was a whimper.

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Drawing back just enough to place a fingertip against the snug opening, she pushed the tip of it inside. You have to be quiet, though.

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Laura felt a surge of bravado as she tonigh eye contact with Katie, suddenly determined to wrestle control of the situation away from the smiling girl. Katie slid off the bed and onto her feet, smiling all the chlll at a perplexed Laura. With a blissful sigh, she let her head loll back. The plans that she, Cindy and Poppy worked out earlier in the evening had just paid off in a big way.

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riplpes Now Poppy was eagerly rimming Auntie Laura, thrilled to bits to be doing something so wild. Guess she had a change of heart… but how did it happen so quickly? Little Poppy had stopped sucking her clitoris and was now pushing at least a couple of fingers into her vagina — three or four, perhaps? These girls, not one of them older than ten, were fucking like they were born to it.

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Bella peered through the opening, her eyes widening as she drank in the incredible sight, then turned to Alice, unable to do much more than shake her head in disbelief. So when they asked me if I wanted to play too, I did. Laura knew what it was like to be fisted, having enjoyed it a few times with an older girlfriend.

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She was still picturing the scene in the living room, poring through the memory as if it was a film she was studying frame by frame. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, has predicted that the general public could potentially receive a COVID vaccine by April When Ali told me she was gay, I wanted to know about what it was like, so she showed me stuff… and I liked it so much that, well, we kinda ended ag doing more, lots more. But it looks as if she was tempted anyhow, and she gave in.

It was something her sisters seemed to like doing, but she had yet to try it herself. How can I explain something like that?

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Cindy hesitated, then nodded, giving her mum a gleeful smile. This… this should never have happened.

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Lost for words, resisting an impulse to turn and flee, Laura hastily wrapped the dressing gown around her body as if shielding herself, but made no move to leave. She scowled.

She crept barefoot into the hallway, looking to see if any of the other doors along the L-shaped landing rippples open, relieved to see that none were except for the nearby bathroom. She opened her eyes and turned, smiling to see her girlfriend sleeping peacefully. Their eyes met, heated looks were exchanged, then Poppy and Cindy slowly drifted together — their mouths meeting, tongues engaging, two children kissing like passionate lovers.

Alice rolled her eyes.

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And like Laura, they were very much awake. Laura whimpered as Katie curved the middle finger into her juicy hole, taking her time with it, then began to work the digit in and out, coating it with her honey.

Looking up at the white ceiling, looming above like a blank cinema screen, Laura knew that the frozen image of the lesbian orgy that had greeted her as she entered the living room door mere hours ago was etched into her mind, perhaps forever. And what about a few hours ago, when you Cime making those loud sounds in your room? Basking in the heady scent of youth, Laura took a long, deep breath, then licked at the warm wet flesh once, twice, three times, coating her tongue with its sweetness.

Curious as to whether its flavor was different, Poppy leaned forward to part the swollen lips with her fingers before extending her tongue for a taste. Laura trembled, the heat of arousal spreading through her body like a shot of liquor.

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Then we showed Mum how we love each other… and, um, we sort of got her to in. Laura thought. There, a blushing Katie had refused parhy go into the sea, or even change into a swimsuit. Keep the bed warm for us.

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Head spinning ta a crazed andd, Laura touched the rapidly moistening flesh of her cunt with a shaky finger, then gently caressed the pouting slit, trying not to make a sound, enthralled by the sight of three preteen girls fucking. If they got a glimpse of me right now, would they like what they saw? A glance at the small carriage clock on the dresser showed that it was only just after five-thirty. Creeping across the carpet, she eased the door open, slipped into the bathroom and made her way to the other door, shocked to see that it was also ajar.

The break from kissing gave Laura an opportunity to catch her Cmoe as tnight gazed in awe at her niece. That was when she realised that her robe was hanging open, putting her nude body on display for the girls to see. In a blind panic, she lurched into a clumsy sitting position, trying in vain to cover her nakedness as she gaped at Jessica and Rachel, both standing calmly before her, both completely nude.

Then Laura exhaled, slumping forward as if that released breath had been the only thing holding her up.