Horny lady want flirt Blue jeep on sunday night. Any real black MEN wanting a committed relationship. Older Man Looking!

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Older Man Looking!

You might guess that I am looking for a younger woman; somewhere between the ages of 30 and 40 would likely be a good match for me. Horny lady want flirt Blue jeep on sunday night. So, if you think that I am, "interesting", and if you are willing to overlook a tad bit of grey hair, feel free to Denve me a message, and I will reply!

And commitment to a woman? Like most men, I prefer to not have, "Baby Daddy drama"- it is a bad thing to have to shoot the kids' real Daddy in front of them, to keep him from whipping Mama's ass, or something LOL! I also have no "drama"; having been divorced almost 15 years, I think that's a dead horse by now.

Contact About Straight to the point! GOD is not finished with me yet, so I really want to be a Dad, and a husband, again. The friend I am looking for is smart, independent, funny, and. My days of wanting to impress people died over 21 years ago, at the birth of my children.

Viagra not needed, here! I know there are a lot of women who are looking for a man to treat them, and their kids, with honesty and respect- and I am, "conceited", enough to think that I might be him! Your womeh mine and thank you for reading.

She would also like to spend some time in the bedroom and be able to keep up lol. I am not looking to, "rob the cradle"; there are not many women under 30 who would have anything in common with me. Age would be between 28 and 40, race does not matter.

Denver women looking for fwb

Denved real black MEN wanting a committed relationship. I am looking for a friend that I can enjoy some time out and see how much fun we can have. I am a but of a tech guy also, it comes with the work I do.

Denver women looking for fwb

I am also, "colorblind"; I ain't one of those, "Brothas", who wants loooing false prestige of dangling a White woman on my arm, trying to, "impress the fellas". I am an older, more stable man, who seeks a woman for long-term. I'm only looking to hear from serious persons and to prove your real, please put your favorite movie in the. So this is it My kids are all grown up, womfn that doesn't stop me from wanting more- which is probably a rarity in Modern America; a MAN I would describe myself as loyal, respectful, funny and like to enjoy staying in every now and then.