The new 'mothers' often don't even know their real names or how old they are El Salvador has one of the highest rates of murder in the world, according to the UN, driven in no small part by gang culture. It is often the women in El Salvador's communities who bear Salvadro brunt of the threats and violence these gangs bring sdx and now the gangs have found a new way to intimidate and control them. An unexpected knock at the door turned Salvadir into a new mother, instantaneously. One evening, she was having dinner in front of the television, when a visitor turned up at her home. The year-old put aside her bowl of beans and rushed to open the front door. Standing there, Damary found a man, a gang member, holding a baby wrapped in green rags.

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These are unwritten rules but anyone living here is advised to learn them fast or pay the price. Money was too tight; it made sense to drop out from school and tend to the children instead.

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One evening, she was having dinner in front of the television, when a visitor turned up at her home. And yet, the gangs seex in control The first time I visited this part of El Salvador was in early Tony is a "gang-child", living with a woman who is not his mother. He's in no doubt about who can - and who cannot - tell him what to do. Did the man introduce himself?

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At night there are raids and sometimes guns go off. She went back to her living room without asking any more questions, sat down and started to cry; she'd just "had" a baby. But due to technological process Sfx a partner for one night is extremely easy. Conna, the government agency that looks after children's rights, says they have no reports of such a practice taking place. He's immune to bribery and knows the difference between his host family and his real family.

It's what he's used to. Andres was one of the children in the group.

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There were times they would call and say nothing at all, just breathing hard down the line, to remind you that the beast is nearby. Damary, Salvadr and Marcela all have something in common; the gang knew they'd make good mothers. He said he knew my family.

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If there were to be a case brought to her attention, Ms Gonzalez says the children would be taken away from the host families, since they cannot provide any official paperwork. Damary's new daughter is now two and has become one of the many children who run around, play and cry in this poor community of San Salvador.

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We create documentaries, features and interviews about their lives, giving more space for stories that put women at the centre. I'll have to find someone to help, but I'll have to be careful he doesn't get taken away from me.

Those who refuse, or get too close to the swx or with rival gangs, don't live to tell the tale. He's got the arrogant gaze of a confident gang member and he never talks to strangers. She must bring him up as her own, but under rules that the gang decides.

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Easy Fakes? The gang found a new way of enslaving them, forcing them to bring up the "gang-children", or face death. Donald Trump's current administration has been pursuing vigorous deportation policies, withdrawing El Salvador migrants' right to remain in the US earlier this year. Everybody knows who they are and people do as they're told.

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Some, like the Cuckoo, are in prison. They had ren's group, where the kids would have some fun, learn a little and eat sweets.

Eventually, Maria took him home. But now Tony is tired and falls asleep on her lap.

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Scientist Savlador, if the substitute mother bird tries to remove the unwanted baby cuckoo, the parent cuckoo will destroy the nest or harm the other chicks in revenge. He's discreet, a boy of few words. Now, they can also be "hosts". Her mother, who had been putting Damary's three-year-old daughter down for the night, came out of the bedroom.

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He was almost himself, barely 16 years old. She still doesn't know how she'll manage when she has to enrol her at school, or if she ever needs to go to hospital - or what she'll say if the authorities ever demand an explanation. Tony only comes out of his shell when he's with the gang. She tells me to accept the facts and take it as a blessing.

Damary makes no distinctions between her daughters; she loves and cares for them equally. Quick sex.

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The cuckoo is never far from the esx nest - ready to remind the "carer" of her imposed obligations. Critics of Mr Trump's decision noted that the US State Department's own guidance referred to El Salvador as home to "one of the highest Discdeet levels in the world". But with two girls, things changed. Analysts say the epidemic of gang violence in El Salvador was fuelled in the s by the US deportations of MS gang members.

She combs their hair, buys them second-hand clothes and sings them to sleep.