He preached that the black man would rise up and start killing members of the white establishment and turn the cities into an inferno of racial revenge.

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When Hinman was found in the Topanga Canyon home on July 31st, he had been stabbed through the Finc in addition to suffering a stab wound in the chest, a gash on the top of his head, a gash behind the right ear, and a laceration on the left side of his face which cut his ear and cheek. I want only participants in the hearing to participate in this. The time is now hours and we are at the Corcoran State Prison.

The law is there and the will of God. Prisoner and Davis then went to the Hinman home and the prisoner struck Hinman with a sword severing a part of the right ear and causing a laceration to the left side of his face from his ear to his mouth. He was a con, a manipulator of the worst kind.

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During his time, the thought of an impending racial war was not to be discarded entirely. I was with all the ole men that came out a Alcatraz.

InFromme was nabbed while trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford. During his time inside, he still appeared to be able to enchant women. So they call me on the phone and said the guy's got Fnd gun, what do I do? And I'm starting over and I'm not breaking no laws.

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Anything I do to you got the right to do right back to. The crime partners carved the wood war - the word war on the Leo LaBianca's stomach with the use of a carving fork. And that was kind of like a speakeasy back in the moonshine days behind the movie set. KAY: Beausoleil.

It expired before they could tie the knot. If that was not enough, a similar murder scene was discovered the next night.

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The third area of the hearing are your parole plans and Commissioner Aceto will handle your parole plans. I'm going to read it to you so you can - if you would listen to- and then I'll give you opportunity to make corrections or additions to the instant Finv. We do not allow that, Mr. I get out of his way. You also have a right to appeal the decision within ninety days of receiving that decision.

We'll then go to your social factors and your prior criminality and then we'll go to the second part of the hearing which is your post-conviction factors and your psychiatric evaluation.

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He preached that the black man would rise up and start killing members of the white establishment and turn the cities into an inferno of racial revenge. I didn't tell him like, [raising voice] you know what to do.

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Behind bars, Watson became an ordained minister and fathered four children during conjugal visits. At both of the above murder scenes, the prisoner's crime partners used blood Finx their victims to write the words.

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KAY: Hinman. But there's a line that man walks.

That's the only thing he could find for a motive to throw up on top of all that confusion he had. Grogan got life instead after a judge deemed him "too stupid and too hopped on drugs" to have orchestrated the slaughter. AP file Susan Atkins — She was the third member of the twisted sorority that were "Charlie's Girls," and the first member of the cult to die behind bars in It was a helter skelter club because we would be there and when the cops would come, we'd all melt into other dimensions because it wasn't d to be anything in particular.

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Denied parole dozens of times, he had been unrepentant while serving nine life sentences at Corcoran State Prison in California. I never went to school. Charles Manson and the Family would survive the holocaust by hiding in the desert, safe from the turmoil. People came around me because I played a lot of music and I was fairly free and open because I really didn't know, honestly. Finr

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Within the residence the prisoner's crime partners, without provocation, logic or reason, murdered Abigail Anne Folger by inflicting a total of 28 multiple stab wounds on her body. Majson Good, 65, was paroled she moved near the maximum security prison that holds Manson, reportedly so she could "feel his vibes.

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He asked me one time if I could kill and I said if someone asked me I would talk my way out of it. Like Watson, he became a preacher behind bars.

Someone's got a Mxnson and they're going to do something, I say don't do that. She keeps track of the Manson Family members in prison and writes letters urging that they never be released. I've always walked on a line.

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The crime partners were Finc to accompany Charles Watson to carry out the orders given by the prisoner. But their lives have been linked forever to one of the craziest mass murders in history. They were part of Charles Manson's "Family" and now, on the brink of old age, they are the haunted. For every red, there's a black. I've lived in prison all my life. We'll call you back and we'll read into the record that decision.