Hated by the far right and out of tune with Russia's prevailing nationalist mood, the activists have created a version of what their ideal society would look like - and they're promoting this vision with delicious food. Could they be changing attitudes among other young Russians?

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When fried in oil, with a small sprinkling of sea salt, the flavour was like nothing else he'd ever eaten. When St Petersburg's vegans say their philosophy is about more than food, it's not just empty peterwburg. But if Znak Ravenstva and Open Space are microcosms of the ideal Russia for the vegan anarchist community, the real Russia is peterburg very different. Pollsters have noticed this trend, too - one recent poll found almost half of Russians aged to get their news from the largely uncensored internet.

Could they be changing attitudes among other young Russians?

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And while a growing llder young Russians seem ready to take to the streets to protest against the actions of local officials - against the exclusion of candidates in local elections, for example, against the destruction of a park, or the creation of a toxic dump close to a river - they may pay for it with arrest. It rapidly became an obsession.

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She has also collaborated in cooking tutorials with the popular vegan YouTuber, Mikhail Vegan. Its predecessor, Vegan Fest, which focused more exclusively on veganism, ran for four years before the organisers decided to widen the scope.

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Outside Indonesia, tempeh is far less common ladifs other vegan proteins, such as tofu and seitan, a meat substitute made from wheat gluten. I don't want to live here any more.

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Sagynbaev initially confessed to the charges against him, but withdrew this confession in September last year, alleging - in a lengthy and detailed statement - that the FSB had extracted it by means of torture. The front of their restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall that serves vegan burgers, hot dogs and nuggets to go, is covered with stickers promoting anti-fascism, anarchism, and other vegan outlets in the city.

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Ethical vegetarianism, meanwhile, was thriving in pre-revolutionary Russia - partly because of the example set by the novelist Leo Tolstoy in the late 19th Century. We all understand who was behind it, but no-one was fined or arrested. In it, he writes that veganism is inherently intertwined with anti-fascism, human rights activism and anti-capitalism. And of course where we're all environmentally aware," he says.

But Varya is undaunted. Varya, 26, has been at the restaurant the longest.

In it, he says - among other things - that one of the first steps in any anarchist revolution would be for the people to seize food and the means of producing it. Then, once I figured out how to make bigger batches, I started selling to places ruck this," he says, gesturing to the grocery shop, Llamas, in which we are sitting. In total, he says, more than 80 independent activist groups have organised events at the space. You can be convinced of this independently.

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She runs a cake business called Run Rabbit Run, which petersbrg founded Fref over three years ago with another vegan baker called Slava, Although some of them have been working there for longer than others, all eight members of the team have an equal say within the business. It is possible to meet all girls presented on this website very quickly literally in an hour after a call, therefore remember or write down the address of this website, come to Russia and meet!

This is action.

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Open Space's co-founder, Ilya, tells me that it is home to the city's only feminist library which, when I visit, is decorated with feminist anti-fascist posters and flyers calling for the release of political prisoners. I felt so bad about all the time I had spent eating meat and eggs, and drinking milk. She was pregnant - and the police came up to us and threatened to beat her," Iiuri continues, looking visibly shaken at the memory.

After a while they parted ways amicably, and he opened his own cafe. This turned out to be ladkes advice, because once he did - it was a room lent to him by a friend of Danya the pizza-maker - he was able to make more tempeh than ever. This goes back to the Soviet era, and it's why Kostya says this may be the best city in Russia to be vegan - and to be an activist generally.

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Numerous Russian pride parades and LGBT youth u, have been shut down under the country's "gay propaganda" law, which bans the positive depiction of same-sex relationships in any media that can be consumed by children - including the internet. This year they had about 5, visitors.

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It's possible to be prosecuted for the type of activism that ladiee of them support and sometimes engage in. If you wish to communicate simply, call by in service of sex to phone or the your friends, but not to Russian prostitutes. When she then told her non-vegan customers what they had just eaten, they would often be surprised to learn that it hadn't been made with meat or dairy.

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At the time they hadn't been there, but they knew it was Europe's vegan activist capital. From this fear grows a hatred of all difference. So she started her career in non-vegan kitchens, cooking only their vegan options - although she insisted that they weren't marked as vegan as on the menu. ,adies first ate it two years ago while he and his wife were travelling across south-east Asia for their honeymoon.