If I finish everything, maybe I can be president one day! Steady progress over the past 15 years has put the region on track to achieve universal primary education by

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The focus on educational disparity that favours girls can overshadow the hidden crisis of illiteracy and underschooling among girls from indigenous groups.

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The goal is for all schools to be child-friendly, with individual communities focusing on the missing ingredients. Success looks certain for universal primary education strictly by fot s. I have no news about Maria. This disparity is particularly profound in Guyana, Nicaragua, and Trinidad and Tobago. Communities determine how their schools can be more inclusive and accessible.

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Some schools put a greater emphasis on providing meals and are creating kitchens to enhance World Food Programme initiatives. Chances are even slimmer for Haiti to enrol all school-age children by the due date since civil upheaval and the brutality mael Tropical Storm Jeanne in have left the country in shambles. The gender divide in education in Latin America and the Caribbean for the most part requires intensive interventions to attract boys and young men.

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A stellar example is the Child-Friendly and Healthy School Initiative in Nicaragua, a multisectoral approach that reaches out to children who have been excluded with quality education, student and family participation and social mobilization. It reduces the of years needed to complete primary and secondary education, and helps narrow the foe between children from different social strata.

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In Bolivia, for instance, where more than half of the population are indigenous and there are 32 identified native cultures, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education are focusing on bilingual and multicultural education. Underlying these achievements, however, are problems of pervasive discrimination against girls and women, and educational disenfranchisement among indigenous people, especially girls. Regional leaders are coming to grips with the problem and what it will mean Grenqda future generations if it remains unsolved.

The less favourable part of the equation is that the Bahamas, Haiti and Saint Kitts and Nevis have ificantly more girls in school than boys. And in Guatemala, since1, women have been murdered.

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But each year, fewer and fewer boys remain in school. Gender parity in education by is on track throughout much of the region.

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Still others are concentrating on birth registration drives, outreach to children with disabilities or school transportation. As a start, children mle the affected areas will be first to receive the scholarships. They learn about their rights. There are parallel truths about education in this region. Latin America and the Caribbean has a relatively long track record in providing formal and informal early childhood programmes, particularly preschools.

He remembers how forgotten and isolated he and his two colleagues felt before and how their interest in the children was so different then. Studies have found that pre-primary education is a sturdy foundation for future intellectual, emotional and social development.

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Early childhood projects work with families regarding developmental milestones and appropriate child-rearing practices. Throughout the region, child-friendly schools have been developed to counter the colossal barriers facing universal education.

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Alex, the unpretentious head teacher, has worked here for six years and was part of the transition as the school ed the child-friendly initiative two years ago. These projects produced a resurgence in the construction and manufacturing sectors of the economy. Bilingual teaching methods and basic literacy are the backbone of this initiative. It is further complicated by the denial that gender disparity affects girls and young women.

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Data from Argentina indicate that girls are more likely to drop out in times of economic crisis, which may be caused by a greater demand for their household labour as mothers supplement family income by working outside the home. This has been particularly problematic in Jamaica, where domestic abuse, gang lawlessness and crime are on the rise. Challenging traditions is often a key strategy in the quest for universal education.

Girls and boys participate together in classes and in extracurricular activities to help anchor gender equality. But barriers that penalize girls and young women in spite of their academic achievement, such as underemployment, harassment, violence and lack of political and social power, must also be remedied. In alone, there were more than 40 women murdered each month.

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InGrenada experienced its fifth consecutive year of growth and the government successfully marked the completion of its five-year structural adjustment program that included among other things austerity measures, increased tax revenue and debt restructuring. Bolivia, for instance, reports more girls in school than boys. Girls are often socialized to be passive and compliant, and schools reinforce this. While the region on the whole is keeping its promise of education for all byindividual countries are in grave danger of falling short.

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In the past two years the country expanded its sources of revenue, including from selling passports under its citizenship by investment program. Boys and girls clean snigle and kitchens together and play on the co-ed football teams. I was more interested in following through the curriculum.

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The widest gap was among the most highly educated. Initially change is taking place at the school level and is spreading among municipalities across the country.

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Lack of education hurts women economically more than men. The two-room school is inviting, colourful and decorated with artwork, teaching materials and an fot of butterflies that flutter by. In Brazil, child labour has robbed boys of an education by luring them away from books with promises of money. I hope she will be one of the first to receive a beca when school starts again.

In one study in Nicaragua, 21 per cent of women reported that they were victims of sexual assault. Research in Peru found that 90 per cent of to year-old girls who gave birth were Grenaxa through rape, often incest.

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In the mainstream population, gender parity is quite good in the early grades. Unlike most of the world, in most countries gender disparity favours girls rather than boys. The road that led to the bottom of the hill where she lives, and where her school stood, has been washed away. Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, had only 54 per cent of its children in primary school in If anything, gender Grenaea in schools favours girls snigle boys.

At the same time, an additional charge is to ameliorate gender disparity in education for boys and young men.