The town of Cheb in the Czech Republic is well known as a beautiful place, its old town square full of pastel-washed houses dating back to the eleventh Republicc.

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I went on a tour of prague's drugs and prostitution hotspots

Hokkers The Czech government has attempted to legalize and regulate prostitution, but these efforts have failed. Inthe Czech government approved a law to prostitutes and confine the trade to certain areas as part of an effort to curb prostitution and reduce organized crime. We believe that such action would be a terrible mistake for the country as a whole and, in particular, for the women and children of the Eastern Europe region who will be victims of the Czech Republic sex trade Prosecution[ edit Hookres The Czech police increased its capacity to investigate and convict traffickers over the reporting period, although the overall s of cases prosecuted pursuant to anti-trafficking legislation remained low and sentences imposed remained weak.

The general opinion is that while prostitution should be legal and sex im registered, politicians seem unwilling to take a stand and many doubt that workers would register in the first place.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to provide trafficking information to applicants for Czech visas from identified trafficking source countries. But now that prostitution is more established, the customers seem to know exactly where to go. In addition to the Czech National Action Plan on trafficking adopted inthe government in July adopted a plan to combat commercial sexual abuse of children.

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While no government officials were indicted or convicted for complicity in trafficking, allegations continued about the involvement of individual border police officers facilitating illegal border crossings. Brothels are sexual gulags for women and girls She believes the town now attracts paedophiles from across Western Europe.

But in the shorter term, Katrin Schauer is more apprehensive.

We close by urging you to reject the calls for legalization that sully the reputation of the Czech Republic and dishonor its history. At this point, Rossig decided to make his excuses and leave, but the pimp and his associates started to threaten him. Protection[ edit ] The Czech Government continued to improve trafficking protection and assistance. The pimp had told Rossig that there was "no problem" with the police in Cheb, and even the interior ministry in Prague do not see prostitution as a priority, according to Superintendent John Mottram, currently working as an advisor to the Czech govenrment on organised crime.

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Brothels line the country's ro to Austria and Germany, the source of many customers. Hoojers following morning I recounted the episode to the town mayor, Jan Svoboda. Please take a leadership role in resisting the trade in women and children and please, in a manner consistent with your traditions, maintain the Republic as a model for human rights and democracy. Soliciting sex would have been banned near schools, playgrounds, churches and cemeteries.

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He said that this was a common confidence trick, and he doubted any child would have been provided. It is an act we will resist with every democratic means available to us, and will fight in Congress and our legislatures, through our organized women's movements and Republlic tens of thousands of church and synagogue pulpits. And the head of a German charity claims she has seen with her Hookerz eyes babies being handed into german cars "obviously for customers".

While enforcement statistics improved during the reporting period, sentences imposed on traffickers remained low.

From January to January14 trafficking victims — including one forced labor victim — took part in the program. InCzech authorities investigated 30 individuals and prosecuted 19 Repulbic the trafficking statutes. Czech law enforcement conducted t anti-trafficking investigations with Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, jn Ukraine in The Crime Prevention Department continued awareness programs at schools.

A German journalist, Rudiger Rossig, posed as a sex tourist for the Today programme, secretly recording his conversations.

It would have been illegal to operate without Czechhand those who refused to register would have been prosecuted and would have faced fines. Archived from the original PDF on 19 July Internal trafficking occurs from low employment areas to Prague and regions bordering Germany and Austria. This program involves close cooperation between the government and NGOs, and allows the victims a day reflection period to receive assistance and consider whether to assist in prosecuting their traffickers.

Current situation[ edit ] According to the Czech Ministry of the Interior, there are over brothels in the Czech Republic, of which are in Prague.

Czech republic: "for many prostitutes, social stigma is a bigger threat than a slap in the face"

She says in the past, there would be clear als in houses where children were being offered -- 's shoe in the window of an apartment for example. Amendments to the Czech Penal Code went into effect in Novembermaking all forms of trafficking illegal, including labor exploitation and internal trafficking. It operates a center in Prague and a phone helpline. A government-fund-ed NGO conducted awareness campaigns among potential trafficking victims at schools and asylum centers.

But in recent years, it's gained a different reputation - as a centre for child prostitution. Police training curricula included segments on trafficking, and a new internal website for police provided trafficking awareness information. Ethnic Roma women are at the highest risk for internal trafficking, and almost always are trafficked by a relative or someone known to them ly.

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Includes chapter about current situation in the Czech Republic. Many victims chose to apply for asylum, which allows them legal status in the Czech Republic until their cases are decided — a process which can take months or years. We are writing to express our profound concern over the prospect that the Czech Republic may be planning to legalize prostitution Reporters working undercover for the Today programme were offered girls of 9 and 11 for sex when they posed as German tourists.

Czech victims and those transiting the country are trafficked to Western Europe and the United States, sometimes via third countries. He who asked in German whether he would be interested in "something". We are certain that legalizing prostitution within the Czech Republic will not curb abuses such as child prostitution and enslaving sex trafficking.

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Rossig and his colleague made a token payment and managed to sprint out of the bar. Prevention[ edit ] The Ministry of Interior is currently collaborating with IOM to produce a demand-reduction campaign targeting clients of commercial sex outlets along the Czech-German border area.

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Republiv town of Cheb in the Czech Republic is well known as a beautiful place, its old town square full of pastel-washed houses dating back to the eleventh century. Between andPrague had the world's first online brothel, Big Sisterwhere customers could get free sexual intercourse, with the acts being broadcast on the internet.

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An analysis of hospitalization records reveals that syphilis rates have steadily risen from 1. Inthe Czech Government strengthened its anti-trafficking legislation and turned its pilot victim assistance program into a nationwide government-funded program. The government Hoookers victims and potential victims applying for asylum with other at-risk groups in guarded asylum centers to prevent unwanted contact with traffickers.