For spirited folks who don't let anything stand in their way of riding in the wind. If you have a handicap and ride

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Vic " Mad Dog " Griffin attention people with different types of handicaps Would be interested to know if there are any other qu out there.

If you have a handicap and ride This biker relationship is so simple that no one will get unnecessary trouble. I challenge other motorcycle accident victims to post their stories as to be an inspiration to each other.

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Spiritbikr I am disabled lady biker that rides a '76 Sportster. I've been riding for about 45 years and have met a lot of para's harleyw, but so far I'm the only quad that I now of. Muthuh's Rides this is a wonderful website about a biker and his motorcycle trips around the country.

Most of the time, the Harley woman is happy to come along and enjoy the interesting riding on the road, free holidays, shopping trips, and to meet some important motorcyle partners. Of course, Harley girls can choose to stay at home, and Harley men can find another Harley woman.

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Custom Trikes Unlimited specializes in building trikes for the physically challenged. For yarleys folks who don't let anything stand in their way of riding in the wind.

Joseph Murray I am a below knee amputee and an active Harley enthusiast. I'm working on my web to tell Hott story to inspire other amputees to keep riding.

My disability came about from a pneumonia that almost killed me when I was 15 and has left me with damage to my lungs and brain. I wouldn't be able to handle this wheel-chair if it weren't for my bike. Harley man gets to arrange where they go for dinner, what they do for travel, and who they associate with, and the Harley women can enjoy this benefit.