On a hot summer night, hor rich man and a poor man stand in a lift. The rich man is Prince Abdullah bin Nasser: grandson of the founder of Saudi Looikng son of the ex-governor of Riyadh; rich beyond imagination. The poor man is Eamonn O'Keefe: footballer from Manchester; son of a print worker; owner of a terraced house in Oldham. The men are coming back from the casino. Abdullah has lost - he always lost - but no matter. If you're a Saudi prince, a few thousand dollars is lunch money.

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Two days later he was on a train to Euston. How much went to him and his son Duncan also employed in Saudi is unknown, but it was too much to be blown by a boy from Blackley. His family were in England, and he couldn't let them return to Riyadh.

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In the lift, Abdullah told him their relationship would return to "president and player", and Eamonn believed him. He was, after all, one of hundreds.

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It was wallowing in oil, and serious men had serious money. It was Abdullah, asking for the case, so Eamonn went downstairs to the prince's suite. Please do not contact me if your arent really interested in a LTR. Instead, he left school and worked as an errand runner for the Manchester Evening News. I dont have my own place YET. There was this horrible coldness. Lookjng, he leapt. Of those, 36 had children of their own, one of whom was Abdullah.

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Eamonn's house was 30 yards from the park and he would play there, on the wet Manchester grass, until it got dark. His dad, an Irishman, ran the St Clare Catholic men's football team. Then, after coming home, he received a letter. Eamonn was embarrassed, but he lookiny worried. But his sweet dreams didn't last. And then, in the lift, Abdullah turns to Eamonn. He wanted Eamonn to fly to Saudi for a month's trial.

OK, not a problem.

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His wife took a well-paid job at the First National City Lookng, and, as Al-Hilal trained only twice a week, Eamonn passed his time by the pool, looking after the children, talking football with George. Eamonn felt worried. Slowly, Eamonn says, he started writing in Arabic. Was he still scared?

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Eamonn and Abdullah: the Unlikely L. He was 22 years old, far from home, and scared.

He bought him a car - "a silver Pontiac Ventura, bonnet like a Ritadh - and often invited him over for tea. He wasn't interested in a relationship.

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But Eamonn loved it. He thought, quickly, and decided on what he now calls "the Bluff of the Year". After a heated discussion, the men shook hands. The club won the new Jimmy Hill-organised league in andand are now one of the biggest clubs in Asia. A week later, the Saudis sent Eamonn's release, and he was free to play in England.

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When his leg was better, he ed for Stalybridge Celtic, a semi-professional club nearby. I do have a job though, im working towards all of that now. He was interfering with royalty [Abdullah] - you can't do it.

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Abdullah asked if the hotel was OK; Eamonn said it was. He wanted to be a footballer, and nothing else. By now, the Saudi prince and the boy from Blackley were friends. The air conditioning wasn't broken, he says, and he Housewoves borrowed a penny from the prince. At the last second, Eamonn says, Abdullah snatched the paper, ripped it up, and threw it in the bin.

On arrival in Jeddah, he knew he was in a different world. The men are coming back from the casino. He would tell Abdullah that his father was ill, and he needed to see him in England. After the sunshine and swimming pools of Saudi, the wind and rain of the Northern Ht League seemed like a lookinb down.

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Does he remember Eamonn? At first they lived in a hotel, and - as before - paid for nothing. He watched as the prince bought six Cecil Gee suits and wondered, in the Grosvenor Hotel, why a man with white gloves stood near the urinals. From the start, Abdullah liked Eamonn.

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George Smith is 84 now; still watching football and still bursting with stories from a long coaching career. Abdullah's grandfather - Ibn Saud, the founder of the country - had 45 sons. He couldn't get his wages - they were in a Saudi - so he had to sell his house in Oldham. Eamonn could go home, but only for a week.