Back to Men's health How can I improve my chances of becoming a dad? It may seem obvious, but you need to have regular sex 2 or 3 times a week if you want to become a dad.

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Having sex around the time your partner ovulates when an egg is released from the ovary will increase your chances of conceiving.

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It's a good idea for both you and your partner to get advice, as fertility problems can affect men and women and often it's a combination of both. A small glass of wine ml contains 1.

Back to Health A to Z Low sperm count A low sperm count, also called oligozoospermia, is where a man has fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. One of the tests your GP can arrange is a semen analysis.

I m looking 4 fertile sperm

Although research has shown that tight underwear does not seem to affect sperm quality, you may want to wear loose-fitting underwear, such as boxer shorts, while trying for a baby. For example, if your job involves working in a hot environment, take regular breaks outside. Problems with sperm, including a low sperm count and problems with sperm quality, are lookjng common.

I m looking 4 fertile sperm

This will normally be performed after 3 months. It's important to understand what the exact issue is before you decide on your next steps.

Your GP can refer you to a specialist in male infertility at your local hospital or fertility clinic if any problems are found. This is where a sample of semen is analysed to check the quality and quantity of the sper. Keep trying Your doctor may initially suggest trying to conceive naturally for a little longer. These include: cannabis.

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gertile It's better to see your GP for a proper semen analysis at an accredited laboratory if you're concerned about your fertility. There are treatments available on the NHS or privately that can help you become a dad if you have a low sperm count. Having a low sperm count can make it more difficult to conceive naturally, although successful pregnancies can still occur.

A GP will be able to give you advice and treatment to help you quit smoking. Back to Men's health How can I improve my chances of becoming a dad?

I m looking 4 fertile sperm

Alcohol Drinking alcohol excessively can affect the quality of sperm. Wearing tight underwear is also thought to increase testicle temperature by up to 1C.

There are also a of lifestyle changes you can make to improve your chances of becoming a dad. If the are not normal, the test should be repeated to ensure it was accurate.

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Many couples conceive within the second year of trying. It may ferrile obvious, but you need to have regular sex 2 or 3 times a week if you want to become a dad.

I m looking 4 fertile sperm

The are usually available within a week. If you're planning a pregnancy, taking a few simple measures to keep your testicles cool may help.

These tests claim to indicate whether your sperm count is low. If you sit still for long periods, get up and move around regularly. Sperm lokoing Your testicles are outside your body because, to produce the best quality sperm, they need to be kept cooler than the rest of you slightly below body temperature.

Recreational drugs Some recreational drugs are known to damage sperm quality loo,ing reduce male fertility. They're a factor in around 1 in 3 couples who are struggling to get pregnant.

I m looking 4 fertile sperm

One unit of alcohol is the equivalent of half a pint of beer or lager, or a single pub measure 25ml of spirits.