But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually achieve those things?

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I asked if he'd fuck my wife, and he said "hell yes". These are just the basics, and there are plenty of other techniques to try once you start feeling more confident. My advice? By at 02,Apr,13 You should ask someone here thats looking to get head from another man.

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But if it happens, keep it confidential between you two. It's just two guys having their male bonding moment, simple Man-to-Man fun between confidant buddies. The key is to not get overly complicated. Getting a sense of where your distaste comes from can help you figure out wannz to move past those hangups. Don't ask them, but look for cues. Always best to be direct, I say.

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So then he started playing with mine. By mickey at 18,Mar,13 other posts of mickey I just let people suck mine if they wish it is a lot of fun By at 17,Mar,13 Just build up to it I think. Of course, then I told him, "noone has to hold my mouth open". Sufk said,I'm going to let you suck my cock. What happens in the privacy of your home or his should Stay there.

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First, build some anticipation before going downtown. Warning: take your audience into consideration!! I asked if he wanted to jerk off watching her, and he unzipped his jeans and pulled out a rock hard 7" cut cock.

I wanna suck a guy off

I need to blog about that! LIX has never been refused. I just talked up someone who I connected with and made the first move.

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Here are some simple ideas for what to try: Keep your hand firmly on the base of his penis while sucking on the tip. He was drunk and followed me to the bathroom. After a pff minutes I asked if I could touch it, and he took his hand away. By onthelose at 28,Feb,20 other posts of onthelose Just my predicament exactly. I kept watching the TV and the bulge in his pants, and he slowly began to rub his dick in his jeans in front of me.

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We go to this event often. I love sucking cock. I know guys enjoy getting blowjobs, and I want to be able to giy my partner. I wonder if he just thinks I am straight.

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He left first, then me. He had his eyes closed whole time. Easier said than done. By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 other posts of onthelose Im going wsnna a trip to California with a friend today.

I wanna suck a guy off

Gradually increase the pace and intensity, but stay at a level that you can maintain for a few minutes. That's why I started to go to the bath house.

I wanna suck a guy off

By the way, the tape had audio and my wife is a fantastic moaner. By at 23,Jun,13 I don't think I have ever asked! Or place an ad on craigs list,require pics, a public meet,get to know them first.

Most men need consistent, repeated stimulation to help reach orgasm. Approach hot men in toilets and ask if they want a free bj By at fuy See below. Then I envited him to my house.

I wanna suck a guy off

I pulled his pants down and started sucking. Maybe he will understand better.

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By kebmo at 29,Feb,20 other posts of kebmo Because you know he has a nine inch cock you've obviously seen it. I think he imagined hot girl blowing him. scuk

It isn't hard. That said, try to keep your teeth out of the way. It was the best feeling.