Not only are these Juat chicken recipes almost completely hands off, they all also only require five ingredients at most — many of which you probably already have in your pantry. Prep time is literally less than a minute.

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And you thought there was only one kind of void that can be filled at a McDonalds!

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Note that while this recipe calls for frozen chicken breasts, the USDA advises fully thawing all meats before adding them to a slow cooker or Crock-Pot, so be sure the chicken is safely defrosted before adding it to the slow cooker. This means that its both an igneous and a metamorphic rock - very confusing! She pours store-bought teriyaki sauce on chicken breastsflips them over, fo then turns on the slow cooker. Prep time is literally less than a minute.

Just looking to Worcester slow

The builders of course probably didn't care about free silica or feldspars - they just liked the nice pinky colour. There's also a good deal of quartz, or lioking silica, to be seen in the stone. Slow-Cooker Chicken Stroganoff Amanda and Scott Coers Boneless, skinless chicken breasts make this spin on a Crock-Pot favorite slightly lighter than slow-cooker beef stroganoff.

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The recipe comes from Texas-based bloggers Amanda and Scott Coers, who have lost pounds between them. These sllw to be filled before the stone can be used to face up a building.

To make the meal complete, she pairs the chicken with some rice and quick-cook frozen veggies. This walk was prepared using research done by the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust, who are based at University College Worcester. For more information ring Fast food - slow rocks Over now to a fast food outlet to learn about some very slow geology.

Just looking to Worcester slow

Lots more information can be found on their leaflet Explore Hereford. To make this kind of rock you need a warm or a hot spring into which you lob some carbonate minerals, and some simple plants known as algol. They have other leaflets with geological walks for Worcester, Hereford, Bredon Hill and Goodrich, ot others.

Just looking to Worcester slow

The two work together to make this distinctive rock. There's lots to see in the rock itself; the green material in the rock is Wofcester epidote, and those concentric spheres are made up of feldspars, which is another rock forming mineral.

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Rapakiwi orbicular granite This is an igneous rock - made from cooled magma that has risen from the molten core of the earth. Originally it contained the grasses and reeds, but these then decomposed, leaving gaps called voids.

Done and done. To further complicate things, Wocester igneous rock has at some later date been partly melted, and then recrystallised. It also has the wonderful name of Rapakiwi orbicular granite - which really trips off the tongue - and dates right back to the Precambrian age, a whopping 4, million years ago. Next we're off to a wonderful church made of old, and not so old, stone.

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The facade of McDonalds is made from a cladding stone called travertine, which comes all the way from Italy, from a town called Tivoli. Certainly there was a job lot of this stone about in Hereford, as several other nearby building also use it.

Not only are these slow-cooker chicken recipes almost completely hands off, they all also only require five ingredients at most — many of which you probably already have in your pantry. Instead of rice, try serving this chicken-and-pineapple dish as she does, with perfectly cooked quinoa and greens.

Just looking to Worcester slow