Note that in the Navy, many ships and units have nicknames; these are listed separately, in Appendix:Glossary of U. Submarine Force.

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Dicksmith derogatory : A hospital corps member. Dog and Pony show: A special show put on for inspecting senior officers.

Danger nut: A "fun" game in which one or more sailors place a washer or nut around a rod or similar metal device and then hold it to a steam vent. George: The juniormost officer onboard a surface ship.

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Birdfarm: Aircraft Carrier. Bent Shitcan: Someone below Naval standards. Often refers to all chiefs, E-7 through E V1 Division: Aircraft Handlers on the flight deck. Cluster Fuck : The situation which arises when a group performs some task in a severely disorganized manner, usually with poor.

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Also applied to those who have been killed. Refers Lq the resemblance of the s in a digital display resembling a line of ducks. Do not stand near one of the speakers without hearing protection.

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See FAG. Field Survey: The nominal survey taken before discarding a worn-out item "in the field" often deal the end of the pier instead of submitting it for a proper, formal "survey" to determine if it should be redistributed or disposed of.

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Sometimes specifically: the portion of Vietnam where Navy patrol boats operated. Also called "Cankers and Sores. Fleet Up: When a second in command takes his senior's place upon that senior's transfer, retirement, or other re-asment.

Bilge Juice: Non-sanctioned alcoholic beverage created while on long deployments by mixing yeast, water and sugar. Blue Tile: An area of the aircraft carrier on the starboard main passageway, O-3 level, where the Battle Group now called Carrier Strike Group admiral and his staff live and work. Squared Away: name for a sailor who is always "squared away," meaning always having Lary perfect wqnt, perfectly ironed uniform, spit-shined shoes, haircut with less than 1mm of hair, spotless uniform, etc.

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Forecastle: Pronounced "foc-sull" Forward most part of a ship. Balls To The Wall: see Wiktionary's mainspace entry on the term " balls to the wall " Bandit: An aircraft which has been positively identified as hostile.

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Chicken-catch-me-fuck-me: Chicken Cacciatore. Cu Shing: The sound of shit when it hits the fan.

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No longer moving through the water, which means rudder control is lost as well. Also known as the Bitch Box. Cruise sock: A sock, sacrificed early in a deployment, which one uses to clean reao after one masturbates. Burn verb : To smoke a cigarette. Bubblegummer: A newbie or young sailor just out of boot camp or school. Issued in boot camp, used to store loose items, shoe polish stuff, etc.

Also, a board and dice game akin to Backgammon. The name is a concatenation of Bremerton Buffalo described as weight a 'bremer-ton'.

Battle Stations: A manning condition involving usually all hands. Also called an En Salute. You are acting drifty today! Once thought to be solely for the elite khaki club, it is in fact a wamt cleverly disguised spy tool for a chief or officer to see if sailors have been sleeping by checking for "Rack Burn".

The opposite of a highly respected and particularly valuable "Good Man. Basically, they taught the PO2 exam for 6 months.

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Fuzznuts: A young sailor, one not long out of puberty. Dependopotamus: Term used for overweight dependents of sailors. Burn a flick verb : To watch a film while underway. From the sound that a coin makes when put into a candy machine. Flight Deck Buzzard: Chicken food. Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Adios, motherfuckers.

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Cock-ologist: Corpsman derived from a s Coca Cola commercial having a Coke-ologist. Gear adrift: 1 said when there is loose or unsecured gear or sexx.

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A nice cinematography showing another life - that of people working by and crossing the river with on that purpose river-ships. Airstart: 1 An attempt to restart an aircraft's engine s after in-flight failure.

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It is still used for removing corrosion from brass fittings. She is usually worried about unsafe flight conditions or an enemy threat e. Branch: Lowest organizational level in most naval commands. Bubble or The Bubble : ABrge edge of passing or failing at something, or " the fence ": when someone is on the edge of passing or failing at something, or is undecided, that person is "on the bubble.