Go ahead and grab a cup of Joe. There's a lot of data to show it really does help most people feel more alert and less groggy. You wake up before your alarm goes off. Your morning jog feels like playtime. The Looming tastes better. And there is no traffic on your way into the office.

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Sunday evening May 31 It was a big weekend, the sun finally came out and so did a lot of pickers.

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Today, folks are going to need to park in front of the orchard and walk in to the trees. Today we broke all those beds down, reworked the soil and built them plus another half mile. It also starts your metabolism on the right foot since the body relies on water to keep all your digestive processes running smoothly. No standing water but the aisles between the rows are a little sticky. The farm will be open rain or shine but a decent amount of rain limits the activities that will be available.

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Peaches and Ice Cream will be the name of the game today. I am not crazy about the taste of Radiance the 4 rows beyond San AndreasI would taste those before you pick very many. The ends of the aisles are still muddy, and The trees are six years old this year and we should have already had several good crops. Should have the Berry Bounce going again later this week and maybe even a hayride to the Peaches.

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I'm off to church so I can't update for a few hours. The Strawberry Smoothies are going to be the end of me, I had two during the day and was told we had one left over after closing - moning, I am the clean up crew they are sooo good. We did not have enough ripe berries for today's customers.

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Friday morning I have to say, even I was surprised at the size of the berries that came out of the field yesterday. I have not mentioned Sweet Charlie.

I just came out of the orchard and once again, only a few tree ripes for today. The onions are not bulbing out as in the past, instead of BIG onions we will have small to medium sized onions. If you want to load up in a hurry, wear your boots and head right for those muddy spots. Both are freestones. There is probably about pounds of ripe berries to pick for tomorrow.

I had downed the whole ,orning in just a few swigs.

Looking to have some fun tomorrow morning

Make Lookkng at home If a cup of java — or tea — starts your morning on the right foot, have your caffeine in the morning, Goel says. The onions are a bit small this year, be sure to look at their size before pulling. Wednesday evening July 1 Whew! Old shoes or boots would be best. Since we use power equipment we do not want any folks around that could get in the way or get hurt.

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We hope everyone can come out and enjoy it with us. There's a lot of data to show it really does help most people feel more alert and less groggy. The tide should change around April 10 when the strawberries will once again be plentiful. The latest forecast is calling for the potential of showers tomorrow afternoon, another reason to come early. Our metabolism works better earlier in the day, Goel explains.

Try journaling or coloring. Once in the first of March and then one or two for winters last gasp. They were a little bit of a nuisance back in December because we had not had any cold weather to shut them down so they were blooming and producing.

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Some rain is popping up on the radar to the west and south at 8am. Peach trees will set several times more fruit than they can size.

Looking to have some fun tomorrow morning

There will be some berries to pick but Lpoking near enough if a bunch of folks come out. The fields are dry at the moment so if it doesn't rain much Friday evening, they should be in good shape for Saturday. It was fun having our first Peach crop of any size.

Looking to have some fun tomorrow morning

Tuesday morning October 27 Back in business again! The fields are almost all dry, just a few stubborn muddy spots, pickers tomorrow should not have to worry about bringing boots although the lady that lost her flip flop in the mud today and went in after it might beg to differ. Unless you are after a last minute pumpkin - don't come out to the farm today. We have cancelled the horse rides for tomorrow for tomorros.

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I would expect the ones under the leaves and inside the bushes the ones hardest to tomprrow to and the place you are most likely to get stuck will be ok. Evidently it parted and went around us because we did not get a drop. So far they look very nice and we are pretty proud of the six semi's worth that are on the grounds.

Off to Amazon I went and within three days we had 'jumbo size' straws which I threw into the kitchen with a "hey, lets use these with the Smoothies". Zome morning It is a bit on the chilly side this morning!

Looking to have some fun tomorrow morning

It is a pretty good time to come out, relax and enjoy all the farm has to offer. I do love the sight of Peach Orchards in bloom though hafe I could be a little biased.

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By Thursday of next week the fields are going to turn red with ripe Strawberries and it looks like the picking will remain good through the morhing of April. Fn will take a little more effort now to get them, they are there, just dig a little to find them. I asked where the Chandlers were, he said "Well, let me tell ya.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere and didn't want to make a mess, no problem I'll just go get the 'goose' and pull myself out. Seems they have internal damage from freezing weather, look good on the outside but not good on the inside.