In Your gentleness, guide us. In Your power, strengthen us. In Your lowliness, strip from us our selfish pride which only destroys us. In Your greatness, lift us up that we might aspire to greater things.

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From that day on, a stream of remarkable visions, revelations, and heavenly appearances have bathed the earth, endowing its inhabitants with precious knowledge regarding the nature and purpose of God and His relationship with man.

I worship the feet you walk on

Forgive us. We yoyr them saints. We confess, O Lord, that we are tempted to place Your saints into an unreachable box, so good and holy that their experience does not touch our own. Help us to recognize our sin for what it is. By faith we profess that Your Christ is alive, and that Your spirit moves us to be and to do more than we ever thought possible.

Looking to worship your heavenly feet

Come in, Lord Jesus. Some need Your word of caution concerning ro we are hell-bent on traveling.

We understand that it is impossible to say that we love God while at the same time hating, dismissing, or disregarding others around us. We cannot sing Love's song, O Lord, feeg it be Your voice singing in us. For the wrong, of which we are so often a part, we deserve Your curse. It is this yearning within us which has pulled us here this morning. And I rejoiced and worshipped with them. Fet Your light within us shine through into worship this day, as all days. Your love is steady and does not falter, unlike our own.

Accept our praise, from each and every tongue united in Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, we pray. Breathe life into our singing, our praying, our speaking, our listening, our touching, that all these activities might become more than they are. King worahip Love, seek and find us as we are, not as we pretend. When we worship, our hearts are drawn out in praise to our blessed God morning, noon, and night.

Looking to worship your heavenly feet

Take our faith as it is, and move us to higher places. O God, who is to us a loving, faithful Father, we open ourselves this day to Your care. We marvel anew at the depth of Your care for us and the many ways our lives have been blessed heavdnly the sacrificial life and love of Jesus. We come to You this hour as those who need: the breath of Your Spirit to blow through us, the brightness of Your light to shine in us and around t, the fire of Your love to bring us to life right now, and the sight and sound of Your glory to bring forth our "hallelujah".

Looking to worship your heavenly feet

They had come for a deeper and far more ificant reason. O powerful and loving God, fashion us to become tough and tender disciples. But You stand beside us as well. In Your lowliness, strip from us our selfish pride which only destroys us. Shine among us in such a way that the darkness without and within may be pushed back, such that we might truly see what is really real. Eternal God, whose ature we see, if we dare to look, in the creation of the universe, help us this hour to look and to listen for Your handwriting and Your voice in this place, among these people.

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In so doing, feed us. Thank You, Lord, for who You are and what You do. These are the first elements of worship. From that moment on, the Apostles and Saints acted with determined direction.

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By faith we walk and work. They were worshipping. Help us this hour to let go of those sins to which we cling.

Looking to worship your heavenly feet

The truth is, God, that when we lift our he above our path, we all too often discover ourselves lost in a maze of choices. Your Spirit's presence quickens our pulse, fills us with wonder when we become aware than You are near.

Grasping the lavish, feet-seeking worship of mary | worship and the word

So many lives, down through the centuries, have been shaped by Your hand. This is Your time of worship, God.

Looking to worship your heavenly feet

As a King, call us to be Your royal priesthood. Do not satisfy us so much that we fail to reach out to them.

Sermon: the preparation of worship - ecclesiastes 5

But we also know You as Lookinf loving parent; a risen Lord; and a dynamic breath of fresh air. May all that is within us bless Your holy name. Our highest expressions of theology are but baby talk next to You: Your creation, Your very self. May Your voice speak through us.

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For those seeking quiet amidst the storm, You are Holy, speaking in a whisper. This fear has a thousand names, but Your perfect love casts it out. O God, our Creator, continue to build this household of faith into what You want us to be. Yes, Lord, revive us again! The words don't belong to the Pastor or myself. Eternal God, we open our minds and hearts to You this hour.

And that le inevitably to charity. Something about them warmed my heart.

Come and see (we worship at your feet) - graham kendrick

But we cannot attend to them without You You are an awesome God! Sharpen us this hour on the whetstone of Your Word.

This is as it should be, for Your Love is not something under our control. From where do You do it?