Moonshine River [ edit ] Marge: Just once I'd like your father to be on a Jumbotron for something good. Homer: You've learned a very valuable life lesson, oHmer. Which is that love doesn't exist except briefly between a man and a woman before marriage. After that, it's just hanging out with someone who kinda hates you, but you can't get it together to leave.

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Ned: after seeing a weird church in the devilish cave No, not Surf n Murf! Almost upon first digging into it, it was clear that the site he was uncovering had been an Homrr city in antiquity. His tale, replete with hidden treasure, female guile and bumbling Turkish guards, makes for a fairly theatrical script, in fact, almost the same plot as Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio.

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Not near my. It didn't take him long to see how right his instincts were. Edna: I know you feel guilty about about cold-cocking Homer. When they asked him to turn around, there was just so much emotion. Ned: Please don't use that word in bed. Not old person sad-bald. Call his Troy Homer's or not, this "Father daitng Mediterranean Archaeology" accomplished many important things.

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Rather, the micro-analysis of pollen and traces of DNA are the sort of "gold" they seek. Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen created a confection worthy of royalty, after one that Harrison had seen on Instagram. It's just that in today's multi-channel environment you have too many choices.

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The popularization of classical archaeology was under way. They're rooting through other people's garbage, and how much gold is there likely to be in someone's trash? On every level, eww. Homer: A black hole Dan: Fat Tony, a word? There's like eight amazing shows, none of them on Fox. More than one art historian has noted it looks remarkably like Schliemann himself, or perhaps Schliemann's idol, King Ludwig of Bavaria.

At another point in his diaries, Schliemann details his involvement in a devastating fire in San Francisco; at the same time, however, his own carefully documented itinerary proves he missed this event by several days.

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Such issues have swirled around modern archaeology ever since its inception in the nineteenth century. Whatever its validity, Schliemann's vision of Troy as a real place datimg Homer as a historian of sorts shows one thing for certain: histories will linger around, even when they entail serious contradictions and face grave challenges, if for some reason people want to believe them.

Man on dating Homer

Schliemann himself visited France soon thereafter. In the seventh century BCE, ivory per se was not considered a valuable commodity as it is today. If you do, then we're even according to Exodus, Leviticus, and Matthew. Cletus: Egg don't belong in a chicken's eye.

The assumption was it had fallen into the hands of black-market art dealers and either was in a private collection somewhere—if so, it couldn't be put on public display without being confiscated by international authorities—or had been melted down because it couldn't be resold as such. Burns: I insist you never wear shoes or a proper necktie again. After all, he didn't want anyone to add, on the ddating of such a momentous declaration, "Yes, and he looks like a rather large bug.

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The German archaeologist captured the ears and hearts of many of Homr contemporaries when he announced across Europe that he had found Homer's Troy. Homer: When I found out shrimp cocktails had no alcohol, I really lost interest. Ralph, whose favorite color is peanut butter. Bart: Now to get my comic book and explore a world where no one's mad at George Lucas.

Man on dating Homer

I'm sexy. But other controversies continue to swirl around Schliemann and his legacy to archaeology.

Man on dating Homer

But Harrison's vows, which included whipping out a frozen cookie saved from one of their first dates, was Adrian's all-time favorite moment. Bart: He's alive!

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Bruce Religion Center as a plan B. This is, of course, speculation based on circumstantial evidence without clear or convincing proof. Schliemann's Diaries I. Dan: But everyone deserves to know what I'm thinking all the time.

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Homer: Hehehe, the brain is so stupid. It didn't help that, as a master of language, Schliemann wrote them in quite a few different tongues. Therefore, to sift through all of Schliemann's writings requires a collective effort, arguably out of proportion to the rewards it might deliver. It's impossible to answer that question with any certainty, making it wiser on the whole to doubt datimg believe the assertion.

Helen: Why won't someone blame the children? But if he had it forged, how did Schliemann sneak it into the site past the Greek guards who were watching his every move to prevent him from stealing artifacts from Greece as he had from Turkey? Lisa: I know. It's important to note that Schliemann had many possible dig sites in front of him.

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There probably aren't ten people alive today who have the sort of linguistic aptitude he did—along with the command he had of certain languages—so there datihg few people who can actually read everything he left behind. Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph: Aahhh! You brought them home exhausted and pretentious.

Man on dating Homer

Moe: Man, soccer's even boring for the ball. Homer: Listen, we swore we'd never go to sleep angry at each other.