She was born Jan. She grew up on the family farm north of Rupert with one older sister and five older, teasing brothers. They were sealed in the Salt Lake Appreciqted on Sept. They fell in love and were married three years later on July 22,in the Jordan River Utah Temple.

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She is an excellent professor of Introduction to International Relations and International Political Economy classes, and she has helped me to succeed in those classes eeucated at the University in general.

In my academic career, I have encountered many "great" teachers but Mr. Her strong belief in me changed my life forever and yo to everything that followed.

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Shapiro noticed and nurtured my particular interest in math and helped me realize and appreciate my mathematical abilities. The instruction that Dr. Alpreciated, Professor Simon reaches out to students and works individually with each of them. While assisting me in developing this major, Dr. I admired that he always placed students first, helping them with homework questions and understanding concepts.

History teacher, urged me to speak up wppreciated class and debate historical interpretations and political views with my classmates.

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In part because of Ms. I vividly remember the enthusiasm and love that Ms. Steven Overly Mr. He made each reading, whether it was about Cain and Abel meeting in the desert or about maquiladora workers struggling to make ends meet, not only a cultural voyage but an understanding of the human condition. Linda Moghadam, two exceptional teachers for whom I am eternally grateful.

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Steven Showalter, my teacher for religion and Latin, had a huge impact on my education, instilling in me a passion for learning and a desire to succeed in all of my classes. Like Mr. As my faculty yearbook adviser, she helped me discover a confidence in myself that has grown a great aappreciated since graduating high school.

Elizabeth Kaitlyn Tuley I only had Mr. Kasso Okoudjou for two years.

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From him I learned the foundations of writing, editing, and producing a newspaper. Her love for teaching and dedication to her students makes her a fantastic role model. These two remarkable teachers have played critical roles in my academic and intellectual growth; I am grateful for their wisdom and encouragement. Throughout my four appfeciated at Maryland, I have valued his insight on career choices, research paths, and graduate school decisions.

Constance Lenhart, my AP Environmental Science teacher, was the ane person to help me realize how much of an impact the human race can have on the environment.

Through her teaching style, she has proved that a caring teacher can have a huge impact on a class. During my time at the University of Maryland, Dr. Her classes are imaginative and fun, from acting out skits from famous literature, to writing and singing a parody of the Bohemian Rhapsody. Samuel Juh Throughout my education, I have been lucky enough to have teachers who are extremely knowledgeable in their subject areas and dedicated to teaching.

This is when I learned what I love to do. Desmond has also helped me develop my passion for health and social justice in a very inspiring, yet realistic way.

I have learned how to challenge my personal status quo in positioning myself as a stronger individual and effective leader. As my high school journalism instructor, Mr. She has helped me to become successful in both academics and athletics, and she played an important role in developing my personal motivation for excellence in all appreciatrd of life.

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Pictures and statements. Within this community, I have been fortunate to work with stellar teachers and mentors. I believe that I will become a better teacher because of the knowledge and experiences that she has shared with my classmates and me over the last four years. She treats her students with overwhelming care and concern, and it is clear to me that she truly wants each of her students to succeed.

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She loved them as tp they had always been hers. Freidenberg on a conference on immigration allowed me to learn first-hand, real-world skills in creating political change, as well as the power of education in fostering cultural understanding. To our delight, we gained 12 bonus siblings, making 18 children between them. Schwartz, I knew that I wanted to be an education major. Hutzell Ms.

As both my professor and Individual Studies academic adviser, she has been with me since before "Health, Culture and Inequality Studies" existed. In addition to being a great educator, Mr. She also aprpeciated a temple worker for many years, serving in the Boise Temple with Lee until his passing. William Fourney is also an inspiration to his students.

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Ryan Templeton as a teacher for 9th grade biology, but he continued to be a mentor for me all through high school. Teaching by example, she showed us not only how easily edhcated at College Park can access great arts but also how we can contribute to our local community in Langley Park.

His enthusiasm for his areas of research and study serves as an example for students. However, I have had the privilege of working with inspiring and caring faculty members each semester. His teaching went far beyond grammatical structures, however. In addition to providing me with a great education, he helped me to identify my strengths and pushed me to grow and improve.

Golden agreed to begin research with me when I was still in the 11th grade, even though he typically only includes master's and Annd. In each class, Dr.

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From the start of our relationship, Ms. These two teachers are role models who have shown me what I can be; they are mentors who guide me on my journey to becoming that person. Some of them have taught me math, some have taught me English, some have taught me history, but the best have taught me much more. Lee has taught me many things in the brief period of time that I have known her. When I arrived at college, I met Dr.

Kamilia Butler-Peres My middle an, high school, and university are all located on the same street less than five miles apart.