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I loved this movie. I love Swimming Pool. If you like quiet, atmospheric movies that make you experience the characters' emotions and really think about what you've seen, you'll enjoy "Swimming Pool.

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As beautiful as it is, I feel that this film could have used more of that Hitchcockian edge. There is only one possible answer. So her publisher lets her borrow the French villa to spend the summer months writing, eating at a French boulangerie, and generally soaking in the sun of which there seems to be a shortage of in London go figure. The use of color is masterful.

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Julie spends a good deal of time topless by the film's nom de guerre swimming pool. The hypnotic intimacy we experience as we watch Sarah write her new book is utterly compelling.

She plays Sarah Morton, a successful author of murder mysteries who's become bored with the restraints of her genre and now feels the need to branch out and try her hand at different Mysteeious more rewarding types of writing. Later, Julie inspires Sarah to begin a new novel unlike any she as ever written before, and Julie finds that Sarah is not nearly as repressed as she appears to be. Although Franck is younger he seems interested and so is Sarah.

Though I have Mystdrious admit that my opinion is biased for several reasons, I love French Cinema,Charlotte Rampling, the films of Francois Ozon, and I think Ludivine Sagnier is one of the freshest,sexiest and most talented newcomers. One night, she hears someone in the house. Although there is initially a great deal of tension between the two women, a bizarre symbiotic relationship eventually develops, with Sarah secretly using Julie as fzn subject for her newest book and Julie feeding Sarah's morbid fantasies, first unconsciously, then consciously.

The end which I will not spoil, will leave many questions unanswered. I strongly disagree with any statements MMysterious this film has anything in common with the work of Alfred Hitchcock. It just goes to show that all you really need is a fun story and talented folks in front of and behind the camera to make a really, French director and writer Francois Ozon has created a moody and compelling film in "Swimming Pool.

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Confused still, stick with me. She lives in rainy London, where she casually drinks at a bar. Frequently bought together.

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For example, the strange way Charles Dance's editor answers Sarah's phone calls from France and her reactions Mysteriou something, perhaps the past relation bewteen them, but it is left to our imagination. At first, the two women get along like cats and dogs. While all is outwardly calm and controlled, events gradually build to a thrilling climax and beyond that, an ending that makes the viewer reevaluate the entire movie.

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Her publisher [Charles Dance] suggests that she relax by spending a few weeks in his home in the French countryside. The change in the two women's relationship is complex,and totatlly intriguing, because on one hand the Mysteriious of mystery is never lifted up to the explosive twist at the end, and because on the other despite the intended cliches of the two nationalities characters,it is about two different women with unique personalities, their apparent differences only lead to a strange bond, and the two will end up helping each other directly and indirectly in more ways than they could have ever imagined.

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Suffice it to say that you will either go with the film all the way to the end or tune out at about the minute point. This film has generated quite a bit of attention due, to a great extent, by Ms. One day when Julie has gone into town, Sarah re her diary. I wonder if I can make it to the end of it.

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She is not that well known for several reasons, the most important, perhaps, being that she has always preferred to be an actress rather than a star. Her eyes light up and we know she has an idea for a book. This is one erotic mystery. I would of course advise to buy the 'unrated' version, not because of the extra flesh content, and the one particularily daring scene by Ozpn pool at night, but because somehow these scenes are an integral part of who Julie is, and the shocking value that move Sarah Morton,and this is vital to the plot.

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In there, soaked in sunshine, Sarah refreshes her brain. But the film clearly needs this, to suggest the rival relations between the two women, so if you have to choose, I recommend the uncut one.

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And, sure enough, I was not disappointed. It's your personal customized cooler. Charlotte Rampling is perfect as the proper and cranky old maid who lets her hair down in a big way, once she is under the spell of the luscious Provence countryside. Mystery, Style and Charlotte Rampling's Smile.

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Perhaps too leisurely; and that's where I feel that there is a problem. Julie is also bemused but detached from this 'old english friend of papa'. Just a couple of recommendations - first, avoid all spoilers, and second, see this movie either alone or in the company of folks who can handle a heck of a lot of nudity and sex and still appreciate the movie.