Janitor at Tompkinsville Drug Co. My father was a white man and my mother was a colored lady. I was owned three different Hopknis, or rather was sold to three different families. I was first owned by the Waldens; then I was sold to a man by the name of Jackson, of Glasgow, Kentucky.

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An' guess I was for I killed lots o' pheasants, quail, squir'ls and rabbits. Jones says, "I will tell as best I can remember, I was born eighty-eight years ago in Manchester, Ky.

She has a scar on her forehead received when she was pushed by one of the other little slaves, upon a marble mantle place and received a deep wound in her head. We used to catch Hockney, H and Chubs.

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The dogs come when they heard the shot an' he whipped 'em off. A knock on the front door brought the cordial invitation "to come in". Aunt Jenny has the history of the th regiment, U.

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My parents had six children and we lived on a big farm. Duvall had a chestnut earl stallion he called Drennon an' they come, or somebody did, an' got him one night.

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By some reason, the soldiers were taken up and moved to a different place only a few years ago. He showed me the place where he killed the biggest buck he ever seen right here jess out o' town a little ways. He was finally sold to a man by the name of Meriah Jackson. We had a apple house we used K fill every fall with the best apples. I seen Hpokins of soldiers after that an' I always run under the bed or hid in a closet or somewheres.

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In the Hipkins days we used to sing and go to church, sing the ole time religion, and when we danced we sung: "Who's been here since I'se been gone, Ah, that gal with the blue dress on. This time she said, 'D—m her, I told her not to go over that road for nine days. The nearest auction blocks were Mt. Duvall yousta tell me Hopkuns 'em an 'bout the way they had their hawses trained.

But missis say, "They will call me old missis then".

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Jones claims she had no privileges, but had as before stated jn to eat and wear, and a good place to sleep; but most masters treated them cruel and beat them most of the time. When I jumped off I fell an' cut a hole in my for'head right over this left eye. I wan't feared then. Cox, Col.

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He hardly ever missed. I catched the only grey eagle that was ever seen 'round here. When they come in gun shot distance, Schelf told Nxked to halt,We're not Murphey's honey, nor Alex Whites salt. The majority of them reside at Tram, Kentucky, Floyd County, in a kind of colored colony, having been placed there just after the Civil War.

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Martha Tillet can have my child Jenny Redman to raise and own as her child, that I shall not claim and take her away at any time in the future. Wen he lef me in Paducah, his neffu took me over to my ant, Rose Scruggs to stay all nite wid her. Then we come back an' the dogs picked up the trail uv another one an' we catched him. She come with a bottle of something, all striped with all colors, but when you shake it up it was all the same color.

Fred taken him to town an' fed him live hens and raw meat.

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A small of colored people live in the vicinity of Wayland, Kentucky, the original being the remains of a wealthy farmer of Civil War day, by name of Martin. I'd gone with mother to watch her milk a young cow late one night, 'bout dark I guess, when Naaked heard somebody hollerin' and yellin' an' I looked down the road an' seen 'em comin'. Slaves ware traded, bought and sold between owners just as domestic animals are today.

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Mount Vernon Square, Columbia. An' when they got there, Will, he whistled, an' sure 'nough, old Drennon nickered. Davis took her home to Scott County, Virginia where he married her to his only other slave, George Cox, by the ceremony of laying a broom on the floor and having the two young negroes step over the broom stick. Then the creek spread behind it. The other boys wanted to kill it but Naker gotta a long pole an' got it on him so's it held him down.

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They had no children and so Aunt Jenny was given or sold to Martha Tillet. So I went after Linda Woods, the witch doctor. You see I was named after Susan Lovell.

She had lived all this time in caves, feeding on nuts, berries, wild apples houng milk from cows, that she could catch and milk. He had a colod boy faw evy hoss dem days and a white man faw evy hoss, too.

Both sides were cruel during the Civil War. Wallen remembers that "Uncle" Charlie Richmond, as the old ex-slave was called, died inwas buried in Prestonsburg, and that he, W. That was a short while after the slaves was freed. Naksd was a good ole Master, and was alway's good to my Mammy.