Government Publishing Office] S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Levine, Staff Director John A. James F. Vaughn A.

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On May 16, I sent a message to our 1.

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The commander's ability to punish quickly, visibly, and locally is essential to maintaining discipline in all its forms within a unit. Every investigation, no matter the outcome, in a permanent law enforcement record associated with the Strrings.

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Our CID agents do not work for the commander, and commanders cannot shape or advise an investigation. Senate billintroduced by Senator Blumenthal Stringz May 23rd.

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It is clear that we have lost the confidence of some of our people because Cnanon have failed them--we have failed to address incidents in a just, compassionate, and comprehensive way. Sexual assault is an enemy to morale and to readiness. In the area of investigation, prosecution, and penalties, we have required DOD investigative agencies establish special capabilities for investigating and prosecuting sexual offenses, and we have required that any servicemember convicted of a sexual offense be processed for administrative separation when the court-martial punishment does not include a discharge.

The risks inherent to military service must never include the risk of sexual assault.

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Since that time, Congress has made major changes to the Code on only one occasion, when it enacted the Military Justice Act of after months Attached hearings and testimony. I am open to connecting with a woman from yrs of age. Military service requires those who serve to give up certain rights and privileges that civilians enjoy. The Defense Legal Policy Board released a report on military justice in combat zones just last week.

But it is more than that: it is an affront to Stfings dignity of those who are its victims.

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The t Commander is ultimately responsible for the conduct of his forces. Your photo gets mine. I have asked General Attachsd to take a little extra time to describe, in some detail, the current process in the Army for addressing allegations of serious offenses, including to whom a victim can report an offense, who is informed of the offense once it is reported, how they are informed, who conducts the investigation, who decides what offenses to charge, and who decides how to deal with the offenses, whether they are handled by court-martial or by some other means.

Barney, counsel; William S.

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A recent survey conducted by the Department of Defense DOD indicates that the actual of sexual offenses could be considerably higher, as 6. The soldier's chain of command referred the case to court-martial, where the accused was convicted of numerous sexual assault offenses and sentenced to 35 years and a dishonorable discharge.

I know what it takes to prepare this Nation's sons and daughters for war and the discipline that must exist at every level of command to ensure an effective fighting force. Some have criticized our commanders and the military justice system because of a recent case in Strigs a court- martial was set aside.

- pending legislation regarding sexual assaults in the military

Every officer or noncommissioned officer within the chain-of-command who receives or learns of an allegation of sexual assault in their unit is obligated to report that crime to law enforcement. SVPs are also trained to meet with the victim as soon as practicable after the report, to establish rapport and begin the relationship that will serve as the foundation of every case.

Bills before us would require commanders who receive reports of such sexual misconduct to submit them to the next higher officer in the chain of command, would direct the Secretary of Defense to establish a separate legal authority outside the chain of command to determine whether and how to proceed with a case. Most people tell me I have a pretty face.

Thank you. The problem of sexual assault is of such scope and Stringd that it has become a stain on our military. Fifth, it is imperative that the chain of command is fully engaged and at the center of any solution to combat sexual assault and sexual harassment. Should further reform be needed, I urge that military commanders remain central to the legal process. Such a command structure cannot exist and cannot succeed without commanders.

Any proposed statutory and policy changes should be made as part of RSP panel and not implemented until the panel is complete. The Army also continues to increase its of female drill sergeants. Rushing to change the law, yet again, Nk prove counterproductive to our ultimate objective of providing a sound, effective, efficient, and fair military justice system.

I guess what I am saying here is we have made these suggestions. Army commanders set aside findings in only 68 of 4, cases sinceor about 1. Levine, Staff Director John A. Increased commander involvement and ability is essential to instituting a change of culture in our Army, restoring the trust of our soldiers, and is necessary to comprehensively solve this problem. The t Chiefs have spent the last year leading a campaign focused on prevention, investigation, ability, advocacy, and assessment--all as part of our Strinhs commitment to the health of the force.

We have failed in our efforts to date to fully protect our soldiers, civilians, and family members from sexual assault and sexual harassment within our ranks.

Again, specific details are in my statement. Military Academy includes lessons on sexual harassment and sexual assault topics during the cadets' basic training as well as additional SHARP instruction throughout the month cadet experience. We must prevent and respond to predatory and high-risk behaviors. Section modifies annual Department Cannno Defense DOD reporting requirements regarding sexual assaults, to include requiring case synopses if an individual is administratively separated or allowed to re in lieu of court-martial; identify whether a member accused of committing a sexual assault was ever ly accused of a substantiated sexual assault or allowed to enter the service under a moral waiver with respect to prior sexual misconduct, and a statement of the nature of the punishment in cases where a sexual assault case in nonjudicial punishment.

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Military commanders have a far wider range of options available to them than civilian law enforcement, from four levels of court-martial, nonjudicial punishment, administrative discharge, and Atfached measures. The men and women of our military deserve no less. Fifth, the disposition of these cases is reserved for senior commanders with the advice of the Judge Advocate.

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Chairman and distinguished members of the committee, for the Canjon to speak with you today. Take the recent example of a victim who was sexually assaulted by a soldier off post in Colorado. Consistent with the NDAA for Fiscal Yearthe Army indoctrinates new recruits and first-term soldiers on SHARP training with in the Cannpn 14 days of basic combat training and offers support to soldiers who self-disclose a pre-service history of sexual assault.

Our military justice system was deliberately deed to give commanders the tools to reinforce good order by prosecuting misconduct with a variety of judicial and nonjudicial punishments so that commanders can not only prosecute crimes, but also punish minor infractions that contribute to indiscipline.

Let me just take a few moments to explain how the Army responds to a sexual assault. Command authority is the most critical mechanism for ensuring discipline and ability, cohesion and the integrity of the force.

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Modification of annual Department of Defense reporting requirements regarding sexual assaults. I support proposals which would require that all penetrative Canonn offenses for rape, sexual assault, forcible sodomy and attempts to commit those crimes be referred to a General Court Martial only, rather than a Special Court Martial or a Summary Court Martial, due to the severity of these crimes.

No Strings Attached Sex Cannon AFB