Ted J. This essay seeks to present an overview of contemporary unconventional medical practices in the United States. No clear definition of "alternative medicine" is offered because it is a residual category composed of heterogeneous healing methods. A descriptive taxonomy of contemporary unconventional healing could be more helpful.

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For example, most MDs would consider psychotherapy appropriate for reactive depression after a cancer diagnosis, but psychotherapy used to cure a metastatic tumor unconventionwl be considered unconventional. Helman CG.

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Bull Hist Med. Live Food Juices. Since the s, acupuncture has spread throughout the United States and is independently d as a health care profession in 37 states. Kleinman AM.

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Ted J. In: Kohn L, ed.

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Bones of contention? This popular movement usually espouses a vegetarian or near-vegetarian diet, or avoidance of chemically treated and, more recently, radiated or genetically altered food. Unconventional Cancer Treatments.

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Ernst E, Kaptchuk TJ. The specificity versus nonspecificity dilemma: toward identifying therapeutic change agents. Any classification system is limited because such human phenomena resist discreteness as well as being fixed in time.

Furnham A. Astrology, Science and Society: Historical Essays.

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Botanicas and spiritualism in a metropolis. A minority of patients.

Arch Intern Med. Milbank Mem Fund Q.

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Medicine and faith in early Christianity. Palo Alto, CA: Deutsch; Oxford: Clarendon Pr; Altern Ther Health Med.

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Other perspectives that emphasize interconnection and common themes are possible. The health influence of planets and stars and some medical astrology could be considered another type of such energy. Philadelphia: Univ of Pennsylvania Pr; Curanderismo: Mexican American Folk Healing.

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Iridology: a systematic review. Hants, England: Aldershot; Seekinb physicians: implications for the study of the medical profession. We do not expect that our attempt will be definitive nor do we necessarily believe a perfect schema is possible. Homeopathy revisited. Professionalized or Distinct Medical Systems Probably the most recognizable alternative healing practices are those that are organized into medical movements with distinct theories, practices, and institutions.

In: Hand WD, ed.

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Another source of CAM psychotherapeutics involves the fact that between [81] and [82] named types of psychological treatments are thought to exist. Sociological Analysis. The D. Religion in patients with advanced cancer. Gort EH, Coburn D.

Arch Surg. Chiropractic: History and Evolution of a New Traditionzl. New York: Cambridge Univ Pr; Kaptchuk TJ, Crocher M. The machine metaphor in medicine. Ethnicity and Medical Care.

Parker GT. Karasu TB.

Devices and substances that emit them, such as radionic machines, magnetic devices, pyramids, crystals, and other electromagnetic gadgets, are constantly being incarnated. J Am Osteopath Assoc.

Examples include Dr.