Starting with this ranking, there will be 25 athletes ranked in each of the 14 weight classes, an increase from the 20 athletes ranked in each weight since the national ranking was launched in July of Vriginia This was done due to the explosive growth of girls high school wrestling nationwide, as well as the expansion of girls state championships. This ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in gradesand includes athletes from all 50 states.

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Allen, Ph. A portion of the psychological profile and characteristics are set forth here in that 1 beating about the victim's head and face is indicative of a high probability that the victim knew her assailant, 2 the assailant would have deep hatred for women and doesn't have long lasting relationships with women and the assailant uses them to show superiority.

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Upon examination of the location in which the victim's body was found, it is believed by investigators that the actual assault and murder of Janet S. In order to perform the electrophoresis test, however, the F. According to the bar owner, Mr. Thomas instead of Mr.

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Marvin John Thomas states that when he returned from the dance floor that Kenny Litton and other subjects that he had associated with were still in the bar. Response no. Lookx Behavioral Science Department's professional opinion was that Jeffrey Mosier did in fact fit the psychological profile of the murderer of Janet S. The judge allowed in Mr.

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Thomas had indeed received two traffic citations for speeding. Thomas committed the murder. Adkins, W. How about you! Characteristic 6, arrogant actions and displaying of implied superiority are consistant with the assailant. Baltice's house three or four times, Ms.

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Juricek suggests the test be replicated whenever possible. Stated he was an extremely clean cut person, but that he was also very hot tempered and had a short fuse. This ranking reflects from a large of official and unofficial Parekrsburg state wrestling championships, held all over the United States, so far this year. Mosier did observe all of this and that Mosier stated to the police that he went to the restroom about the time Janet Miller was dancing and when Mosier returned from the restroom to his friends, that being a group of four females, one of which his current girlfriend, Janet Norman, he asked them where Janet Miller had went to and according to those friends, they had the impression that Mosier assumed that she had left with the other male that had given her the attention and that she had danced with.

This was done due to the explosive growth of girls high school wrestling nationwide, as well as the expansion of girls state championships. Diane Juricek identifies several factors in electrophoresis testing that could result in a wrong result. The State therefore deprived Marvin John Thomas of his right to a full and fair cross-examination of the expert who performed the electrophoresis test.

For these reasons your affiant believes and has cause to believe that the crime of first degree murder of Janet Parkerbsurg. One can draw only two inferences: the Parkersburg police were not doing their job before the first trip to the F. The vehicle driven by Marvin John Thomas on November 28,has been offered as a trade in vehicle for a new automobile and may be discarded by Marvin John Thomas at any time.

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Miller, came to Parkersburg on at least one other occasion prior to November 28,and she was explained to friends of Mosier that he had made in Parkersburg that she was only a friend and nothing more when in fact the investigation revealed that Janet S. Marvin John Thomas says that he observed Janet S. Miller's murder focused on two persons: Mr.

Neely, J. Waybright Taken, subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of December, Accordingly, we find that the circuit court committed reversible error by denying defendant's motion to suppress the of the electrophoresis examinations of the evidentiary blood stains.

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The Medical Examiner's report was that the cause of death was manual strangulation, however, she had a fractured skull, a broken jaw and a ruptured liver. Mosier hit Ms. Characteristic 5, assailant would have few true friends of either sex and have an inability to initiate and maintain lasting friendships, which is indicative of looka inferiority feelings. Such warrants should be judged by a "totality-of-the-circumstances" test.

Miller reflected that the beating that Janet Miller received could be consistent with a left handed attacker and the investigation also revealed that Jeffrey L. There are 21 states which sponsor official or emerging girls state high school championships, while many other states are also developing their girls high school program.

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Footnote: 20 The text in this Appendix has been reproduced verbatim from the actual affidavit submitted to the Wood County Circuit Court. I did not do its job properly during the first examination of the car, or else the evidence was placed in Parkersbugr car between the first and second F. Spellacy Taken, subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of December, United States], U. Also on December 12,a green blanket, similiar in description to that described by Marvin John Thomas and into which he states he vomited, was located at the Sundowner Drive Inn.

To obtain a warrant, the police are required only to show enough evidence to convince the judge or magistrate that the police have reason to believe that probable cause exists.

A lopks time later, after further argument between Mr. Thomas then proceeded to and asked Janet S. After completion of the electrophoresis analysis, Dr.

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Given the totality of the circumstances, that was enough to establish probable cause. She stated that he was extremely aggressive and persistent sexually and that he became greatly disturbed when Prakersburg advances were turned away by herself. Thomas had at one time physically abused an ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Moorehead. At the trial, defendant wanted to introduce under Rule 2W.