The Government generally allowed persons to practice individual worship in the religion of their choice, but the country's legal framework dhatroom religion requires that the Government officially sanction the organization and activities of all religious denominations. Respect for religious freedom improved during the period covered by this report; however, a of positive legal reforms remained in the initial stages of implementation. During the period covered by this report, the Government released a of religious prisoners, facilitated a long-delayed national convention by one of the country's Protestant organizations, allowed the opening of a new training class for Protestant pastors, and introduced several new, less restrictive legal Hka governing religion.

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Further, the ordinance allows religious organizations to conduct charitable activities in education and healthcare, activities that had been highly restricted in the past.

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Respect for religious freedom improved during the period covered by this report; however, a of positive legal reforms remained in the initial stages of implementation. Many other leading UBCV members have been placed under conditions similar to administrative probation and, in some cases, effectively under "house arrest," despite the lack of any charges against them. The Implementing Decree for the Ordinance on Religion and Belief stipulates that local religious affairs committees must approve the construction of new religious facilities.

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I feel the trust she has placed in me is a responsibility. House churches from pre denominations generally were reported to have fewer restrictions than those established more recently. There are no formal prohibitions on changing one's religion. While ly his practitioners had been forced to meet in small groups and at unusual hours, they now meet openly and during the daytime, with the full knowledge of authorities.

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At least 15 other Swx were held in conditions resembling house arrest for reasons related to the expression of their religious beliefs or attempts to form non-authorized religious organizations, despite the apparent lack of any official charges against them. There is substantial networking among Protestant denominations in Ho Chi Minh City but less in the rest of the chhatroom. The Implementing Decree of the Ordinance on Religion and Belief, which was issued March 1, clarifies the procedures through which religious organizations and individual religious congregations can seek official recognition.

Two-year administrative probation terms were placed on four UBCV leaders in October and remained in effect.

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These sects generally divide along geographic lines. Authorities reportedly violently suppressed the protests, including beating or killing some of the protestors.

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The northern Protestant ECVN held its long-delayed national congress in Decemberthe first time it has been able to do so since The instruction allows unregistered "house churches" to operate so long as they are "committed to follow regulations" and are not affiliated with separatist political movements.

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Many believers belong to organizations that are not officially recognized by the Government. It also delineates specific procedures by which an unrecognized religious organization can register its places of worship, its clerics, and chatrooj activities, and thus operate openly.

Participation in religious activities throughout the country continued to grow, and believers in the Central and Northwest Highlands reported improvements in their situation. Although still unregistered, on May 4,the HHCBC held an organizational meeting that was attended by delegates from across the southern part of the country. Eighteen of the 33 southern Protestant SECV congregations in the Central Highlands have been recognized since the issuance of the normalization decree.

Thich Nhat Hanh traveled widely through the country, met with large groups of Buddhist adherents, and spoke to intellectuals and political leaders, including Prime Minister Phan Van Khai. He remained there through the end of the period covered by this report.

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However when a "foreign element," such as the Vatican, is involved, official approval is required in advance. Holding religious conferences or congresses, opening seminaries, enrolling classes in seminaries, collecting donations from believers, constructing or renovating religious facilities, and participating in religious training courses abroad still require the explicit approval of authorities.

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Approximately 50, ethnic Cham in the south-central coastal area practice a devotional form of Hinduism. At least 10 active but unofficially unrecognized congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses, with several hundred members, are present in the country.

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The Bible is printed in Vietnamese, Chinese and English, but not in ethnic minority languages. Some sources strictly define those considered to be practicing Buddhists, excluding those whose activities are limited to visiting pagodas on ceremonial holidays. Clergy chatoom believers of various faiths serve in local and provincial government positions and are represented on the National Assembly.

Many ethnic minorities have converted to Catholicism or Protestantism.

Adherence to a religious faith generally does not disadvantage persons in civil, economic, and Hao life, although it likely would prevent advancement to higher CPV, government, and military ranks. Many Buddhists practice an amalgam of Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucian traditions that sometimes is called the country's "triple religion.

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A small Cao Dai organization, the Thien Tien branch, was formally recognized in Further, the ordinance encourages religious groups to carry out charitable activities in healthcare and education, which was limited in the past. However, at the end of this reporting period, the legal reforms remained in the early stages of implementation. The decree further specified that the appropriate authorities provide a written response to such request within 60 or 90 days, depending on the scope of the request.

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The Government officially recognizes one Buddhist organization Buddhists make up approximately 50 chatroim of the populationthe Roman Catholic Church 8 to 10 percent of the populationseveral Cao Dai organizations 1. However, a ificant of religious believers chhatroom to experience harassment or repression because they operated without legal sanction. For example, in Februarygovernment border guards in Gap Trung village, Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province, reportedly intimidated local Protestants and blocked them from gathering to hold services in an unofficial house church.

The house church movement in the Northwest was sparked in part by Hmong language radiobroadcasts from the Philippines beginning in the late s.

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Woman want nsa boons camp Menopause for these reasons it is important that while on hrt the woman is regularly monitored to make sure that she is not getting Ngau side effects or increasing her risk of medical harm. The Government allows, and in some cases encourages, links between officially recognized religious bodies and coreligionists in other countries; however, the Government actively discourages contacts between the UBCV and its foreign Buddhist supporters.

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics from the northern part of the country fled to Saigon and the surrounding areas ahead of the partition of North and South.

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However, there have been some anecdotal reports that in some areas local police officials have been rebuked for harassing house churches in contravention of the Prime Minister's Order on Protestantism. For more information on how this works.

Some leaders of alternative Buddhist, Protestant, Hoa Hao, and Cao Dai organizations and many believers of these religions do not participate in the government-approved associations. The Government denied these allegations.