Edit Storyline Anna and Ben are settled in rural Chile in the early 's. They are very isolated and their only real friends are two Chilean sisters, Eva and Monica. When Ben is stranded in Santiago on the eve of the military takeover ofAnna is livid She is released, only to be further harassed by one of her arresting officers, Raoul, who poses as her protector but wishes to rape her.

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Inthe men made declarations to a civil prosecutor. Last month, Father Francisco Javier Ossa Figueroa spent two hours giving his testimony to prosecutors about what happened to him in El Bosque from the late s onwards. So why did it take so long?

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It was scary. I wanted to study medicine, so my way was non-violence. He had big power - until today. Although the investigation has moved beyond Fernando Karadima and his faithful coterie, the commitment of Chile's lay authorities to securing justice for victims of clerical sexual abuse has emboldened more of Karadima's victims Santizgo come forward. And Karadima was a Pinochet guy - he was friends with all Pinochet's former generals.

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Protesters greeted the Pope when he visited Chile in Januaryand the pontiff's dismissal of allegations against Bishop Barros as "slander" provoked enormous indignation. Of the victims so far identified, nearly half were minors at the time of the alleged offences. In the Vatican found him guilty of sexually abusing minors, sometimes by force. After he left Santiago, Pope Francis was forced to respond to his critics, and sent two envoys to Chile to investigate sex crime.

The Church put pressure on him - he was visited by clergy requesting him to stop pursuing the annulment.

What stopped the then-Archbishop of Santiago, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, from initiating an ecclesiastical investigation into Karadima's behaviour after he received the srx report of abuse at least seven years ly? Then, when Pope Francis appointed one of the disgraced priest's acolytes, Juan Barros, as bishop - a man who had allegedly protected Karadima - Chileans were furious.

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Now that sez has spent 14 years in psychotherapy, three times a week, he understands the dynamics of this abusive relationship very well. Related Topics. James Hamilton reported Karadima to church authorities, and although he did not know it at the time, he was the second man in two years to make a complaint of sexual abuse against the El Bosque priest. But it began decades ago with one man - Father Fernando Karadima, a parish priest in Santiago, who became Chile's most Santiaago sexual predator.

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Karadima pursued the doctor, sending priests and bishops to speak to his family and employer. You do need to be brave, because it wasn't just me as a priest who went to testify - it was me, Francisco, the person who was personally hurt by this.

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What he wants is for the Swedt Church to name and shame - for the powerful men still in Chile's Catholic hierarchy to take responsibility for what they did. And in those troubled years of killings and disappearances, the church community created by this charismatic priest in the upmarket Santiago parish of El Bosque provided welcome reassurance. It couldn't be possible," says Hamilton, remembering his bewilderment.

He was almost a kind of saint. They put me in a room, and told me the devil lookung inside me. Five bishops have reed - including Juan Barros. It was when details of the annulment were leaked that the Catholic Church had to investigate Fernando Karadima. But I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me, and that I'm not alone. And this other priest who knew everything, kooking always stayed silent when I confessed about Karadima.

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This impressionable teenager felt special, as though he had been chosen. As a result, he is no longer a university professor, or chief of surgery.

Written by thustlebird. It couldn't be possible that this saintly man could be doing all this because of his sexual perversion.

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Chile had been under the dictatorship of Gen Augusto Pinochet for a decade. Then the sexual abuse began.

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But as SSantiago young man he felt compelled to comply with his abuser. When he went for dinner at El Bosque with his wife, Karadima would ask him to leave the table and accompany him upstairs lookjng the pretext of a medical complaint that needed attention. Children who were abused will live 20 years less, so what are we talking about?

In the application he cited sexual abuse by Karadima, and the hold the priest had over him at the time of his marriage, as the reason.

He got the annulment. And, as a young idealist, he believed he had only two choices: " the people fighting against Pinochet, mostly through violence.

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He lives ,ooking a convent set in extensive gardens located in an up-market district of Santiago. The Vatican's envoys produced a 2, report, and the Pope acknowledged a, "culture of Santlago in Chile. He bewitched his acolytes, and trained dozens of young men for the priesthood - four of his proteges would become bishops. When Ben is stranded in Santiago on the eve of the military takeover ofAnna is livid It's a scandal that haunts the reign of Pope Francis and has tipped the Chilean church into crisis.

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They knew the priest would not go to jail because of Chile's Statute of Limitations, but they Sweft not want to be part of a cover-up. The civil authorities in Chile are investigating cases of sexual abuse and their concealment by the church. By then, James Hamilton had made contact with other survivors of Karadima's abuse. I thought that someone would try loooking murder me - put a bomb under my car or, my brakes would be cut in a descent from the mountains.

There would be no formal investigation for years, until the evidence against Karadima became overwhelming.

Meanwhile, in a first for Chile, civil prosecutors have seized church documents in a series of high-profile raids. James Hamilton was invited to Catholic Action, an exclusive youth group that met in El Bosque to listen to Karadima talk about heroism, the saints and the need to be humble and obedient.