The Australian Guide to Swingers By Brian Williams "If we are really supposed to restrict our good feelings, then aprties should restrict how many roses we smell, how many sunsets we see, how many barbecued chickens we smell, how many warm baths we take, how many chocolate cakes we eat, how many pine forests we walk through, how many symphonies we listen to, and how many friends we have.

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Our culture can be quite cruel to women who have an active interest in sex, often derisively labelling them "sluts" - a term which stands in sharp contrast to the less derogatory term for men, "studs". If you're interested in doing so and spend enough time meeting different people, you may actually find that today's swinging community is becoming a somewhat fertile place to meet people with a variety of sexual interests.

Phone: 02 There are 3 play rooms out the back, two of them are open no doorsone with a leather swing partes from the roof and the other has two double beds and bondage cross for those who like to be a bit kinky.

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New-comers will be welcomed and anyone new to the theme will be assisted. If you DO need to have a serious relationship discussion or argument with your partner, it is considered polite to do so away from the party in a private area.

Swingers parties Australia

People may be attracted to the swinging community for a variety of different reasons. Entry prices are as follows: Couples……………………. Depending on your experience with Swinbers other than swingers, seeing others not use condoms may be unsettling to you.

Swingers parties Australia

Couples, single men, single ladies, are welcome. Compulsory Dress code; underwear or nothing, upon entry. By the way, it is not necessary to have sex with other people to have a good time in the swinging community.

What you should know about attending a swinger’s sex party

If you are a single male, you might actually be better off waiting until you are in a suitable relationship before attempting to become active in swinging - some swingers parties allow single guys to attend, but you will be charged a lot more than if you attended with a female partner, and there will be more guys sometimes many more than women at those parties. Using alcohol to excess is partids silly idea, especially if you or your partner are just getting into swinging. We do hope to see you soon.

What this means is guys MUST be invited by a couple or lady attending. Once we receive your payment we will put your name on the door and send you a confirmation with the address.

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Melbourne Inner Circle parties are always attended by the most stylish, sophisticated and sexy couples in the city. Our Partiez Parties and Events are purely by invites only; if you think you would love to come to the next sexy event filled with young hot couples, then register for the next event!

Swingers parties Australia

We look forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy your suburban secret fantasy! He has had terrific fantasies about free-wheeling sex and plenty of it, and he finally convinces his initially reluctant partner to give swinging a try. If one partner just wanders off, the other may feel abandoned or jealous. The ordinary social customs of meeting people and initiating a conversation are really not that different than at any other type of social gathering, and the process by which acquaintances become close friends is not that different either.

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The wSingers is a private residence set up specifically for our parties and includes a relaxing lounge, fun dance area, large comfortable smoking area, discreet change room area and 3 seductive playrooms. From a more pragmatic point of view, there will always be Swibgers party, another personal ad, another Saints and Sinners Ball; however, there may not be another chance to salvage an exploration into swinging if one partner becomes overwhelmed in "the garden of delights" and forgets to treat his or her primary partner with sensitivity and respect.

Arrive on time, and if you are part of a couple be sure you arrive together. Swinging can be an opportunity to learn to relax and appreciate sexual pleasure, and may help one view sex more as a source of pleasure and intimacy and less as a social bargaining chip or ego Swingere.

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Although female bisexuality is very much accepted in the swinging community, the degree to which male bisexuality is accepted also varies. The only time me phone is on is between 9am to 3pm weekdays and all day on the party dates.

The club is open from 9. If you are offended by phobia against bi men, then you should be prepared to either look for a party that is more open-minded on this particular issue, wait for attitudes in the community to change which I believe may happen in the next five years or soor else attend anyway and make a point of not letting small-minded comments go unchallenged. Again, this completely depends on the party.

Come inside and have a look at our site.

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When they get to the party, she has a great time and is in high demand, while he thinks the party's a dud. Others may simply feel that sex should be a natural possibility in any friendship in which there is mutual attraction, and so appreciate the relative open-mindedness and pleasure-positivity with which the swinging community views this subject. Refreshments We are not a d premises.

Swingers parties Australia

The tradition at some on-premises parties is for one of the larger rooms to be for the "group scene. For example, most people find that having their partner actively enjoy and appreciate what they are experiencing during sex to be a tremendous turn-on.

Hot Young Couples is parteis at providing exclusive sexy events for hot young couples who enjoy the company of other hot young couples. If you want nothing more than to see your female partner have sex with another woman, you will probably be better off forgetting about it until she brings it up. If you want to have your own event, just let us know.

Swingers parties Australia

We understand that not everyone is a supermodel but we need to make sure you have good hygiene and are presentable. There are many, many different forms that Austarlia may take, and whichever one you choose is fine as long as you and your partner are clear about what you are doing and why. It is certainly true right now that the scene has just exploded in terms of the of people attending parties, particularly over the last two years, and particularly in Melbourne Austraoia there are probably more swingers parties every Saturday night, then in the rest of the country put together.

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