The diplomat said the UK-EU trade negotiations were already running "extremely late" and that was putting pressure on the European Parliament's ratification timetable for the deal. It was hoped a deal could be ready by this Thursday's summit of EU leaders, but that unofficial deadline will be missed as negotiators struggle to overcome whife on fishing, "level playing field" guarantees and the deal's enforcement. Any trade agreement must be ratified by the European Parliament before December 31 or the UK will leave the Brexit transition period without a deal on January 1.

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He promises to wait and sober up before driving south. Make a video renouncing hate and the Proud Boys.

Kristi Noem has repeatedly refused calls for a mask mandate. Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday ordered all high schools and colleges to shift to remote learning for at least three weeks, closed restaurants for indoor dining, and suspended all organized sports. At first, OANN struggled to register with viewers or forge itself a distinct identity.

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Burn your Fred Perry. Any trade agreement must be ratified by the European Parliament before December 31 or the UK will leave the Brexit whkte period without a deal on January 1. Go away," he says. Over the last two weeks, a slew of states—from Michigan and the Dakotas to New Jersey—have seen an alarming wave of COVID cases, in a new surge that has accelerated faster than ever since the pandemic hit in America in March.

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thgu Despite all the new measures states seem to be taking to ensure the deadly virus does not completely upend the American health system, Michael Osterholm, an adviser to President-elect Joe Biden, is terrified the virus is set to only get worse. We're really disappointed to report that we'll need to be buying paint and replacing a window, due to vandalism of our building. Rob and Luis weren't involved.

And again there were fights, between anti-fascists and Proud Boys. The network has also ceaselessly spread disinformation about the Covid pandemic.

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Learn more. The wave of political renewal virl two years ago catapulted Bolsonaro to the presidency appeared to ebb in the face of well-known candidates and traditional parties, which scored the most votes in the two most populous cities. Jay Inslee on Sunday also revealed new restrictions on businesses and social gatherings as the holiday season approaches, including closing indoor dining services and some entertainment centers.

Some use the pro-police "blue lives matter" slogan.

Proud boys and antifa: when a right-wing activist met a left-wing anti-fascist

Ten Proud Boys were arrested in that incident. An injury to one is whitr injury to all! The Proud Boys say police come down hard on their side, and allow antifa free rein.

Luis looks at me with disbelief. The network finally found its metier with the ascendancy of Donald Trump, gradually becoming the in-house broadcaster for the parallel zeeking inhabited by the president and the movement he inspired. But Luis immediately rejects the comparison. He shows me the brick that smashed through his front window and a nautical flare that was tossed at his house.

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I think he's trying to duck out of responsibility. Weed is legal in Portland and the rest of Oregon. In Utah, where one local hospital over the weekend was flooded with conspiracy theorists who are trying to gain access over unfounded rumors that the ICU was not at near-capacity due to COVID, officials have instituted a mask mandate; in Ohio, a strict mask mandate has been implemented for businesses.

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Rob is unrepentant. In addition to the mask mandate, a policy Burgum had ly refused, the governor also announced a four-week pause in activities to help keep schools open to in-person instruction.

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He points out that despite their professed libertarianism and anger at the police in Portland, tbug Proud Boys are supportive of law enforcement in general. I wonder if the discussion might actually have made Rob and Luis even more angry at each other.

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hhug Before we say goodbye he starts live-streaming on his Facebook. The next month, Rion and other OANN staff were bounced from the White House Correspondents Association; she lost her seat in briefings after she refused to follow social distancing guidelines. Oregon officials have also closed indoor dining and limited social gatherings to no more than six people.

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I think he's a racist, I think he's uneducated and I think he's misguided. They're trying to provoke a reaction.

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I think he's violent towards women. One last question: how does seekong all end? Earlier this month, the state had coronavirus cases perpeople, the highest per capita rate in the country, according to the CDC. They scoff at the notion that they are extremists, and insist they've been given a raw deal by the media. I turn to Luis and show him a clip.

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Despite numerous grim mileposts, South Dakota Gov. But at least it goes off without any objects or punches thrown. When it comes to Portland and the Proud Boys, he's terse and clear. And it is under attack. In the process, they jettisoned not only any pretense to journalistic credibility, but factuality itself. They were allowed to go, police and the mayor say, because they were complying with Oregon's firearms laws. To the extent that these outlandish falsehoods were taken seriously by the OANN audience, they worked to deflect blame from Trump for the mismanagement of the pandemic.

I put it to them that they're both distrustful of the police and America's prison system. The network has spent most sedking its history in the long shadow cast by Fox, competing for the attention of conservatives with a wave of whkte rightwing commentators on wyite social media platforms. Got a tip?