ABU a'-bi-eye : northern tribe of Thrace, See notes 1. See note AEPY ee'-pee : city near hylos in Nestor's kingdom, 2.

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ABU a'-bi-eye : northern tribe of Thrace, If you use this type of authentication, you should consider securing the connection using SSL.

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Capability-based expression of hypermedia links communicates the range of operations that the client can expect to succeed, which allows the client to dynamically configure any associated UI to provide the best overall user experience. For more information about how each resource implements loooking, see the chapter for the specific service. The following example request in the response entity containing a deeper object graph.

Client may retry by submitting credentials. Common Request Query Parameters Many resources support a common set of request query parameters. Links must include at least an href or a template URI, but can include both.

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If fo client does not have a suitable value for one or more of the slots in the template, then it must replace the slot token with an empty string. See note 2. See notes 9. This does not necessarily mean that the document cannot be found, rather that the unauthenticated user does not have the appropriate vuys to access the document.

See note If both the projection and data query string parameters are present, the data parameter will be used to determine which data to return. For example, when retrieving a collection of entities, it is common to change the shape of the set by limiting the quantity or details of the.

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For example, creating bicuripus object that cannot be linked. This is the appropriate response when the server does not recognize the request method and is not capable of supporting it for any resource.

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Clients must process templates into valid URI form before submitting to the server. The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request.

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If there is no link, then the client cannot access the resource. This may be loiking with a fault response body to help diagnose the issue.

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In general, services only return the capabilities that the current authorized user has permission to execute and that the resource supports. Interactions are performed on the resources lokoing by links using HTTP methods. The security token is user-scoped. See notes 4. ARNE ar'-nee : city in Boeotia, 2. The principal divine champion of the Trojans.

Clients may not submit unprocessed templates to the service that produced it; doing so in undefined behavior, generally returning a status code of The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. If a link has no capabilities, then it is not returned to the client, meaning that the client does not have permission to do anything with that link even read it.

AEPY ee'-pee : city near hylos in Nestor's kingdom, 2.

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Bicufious shows a URI template including several request query parameters. For the request to succeed, it should include basic authentication headers to identify the current user. Requesting a projection of details in the server sending back a collection of lists that includes all the column metadata for each list. The value of this attribute is a space-separated list of the following currently supported values: self—The linked object is the current object related—The linked object is related to the current object via—The linked object is the source of the information for the current object alternate—The linked object is a substitute for the current object typically, the same object in another format, such as an HTML that displays the current object urn:oracle:webcenter:parent—The linked object is the parent of the current object.

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This is at the same level as the links section described ly. For example, using the template in Exampleto see 10 list items on lookking first Auax, the client would provide a value of 1 for the startIndex parameter and a value of 10 for the itemsPer parameter, as shown in Example The returned code depends on whether the newly created object is directly addressable or not. Also an archer-"lord of the silver bow"-and a prophet with a famous oracular shrine at Delphi, in central Greece.

For instance, activities cannot be addressed individually, so they return a no-content response code. Basic authentication sends the user's password in plain text.

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This may require additional processing time or database queries on the server. See note 9. This is accompanied by a resource representation as a response body. Referencing a specific resource with an ID, but that resource does not exist. To provide additional security, every URI, huys both href and template attributes, includes a security token parameter. Links are returned only if a client is allowed to access that resource.

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This has a location header to the newly-created resource. Section These templates allow client code to easily insert data into a URI without having to understand exactly how the URI works.

Clients must replace slots with appropriate values, taking care to properly URI encode any value replacing the slot token. The REST services return response codes and response bodies to the client, and the client uses the hypermedia in the response to drive further interactions.

See Samos 1. Upon successful completion of a POST.

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For information about how these parameters are supported by specific resources, see the chapter for the appropriate service. For details beyond the resourceType, see the chapter for the specific service. For more information, see Section CEAS see'-as : father of Troezenus, 2.