Psending looking for more people to share what they spend their money on. We're particularly keen to hear from disabled people about the extra cash your disability costs you. If you're interested, please my. Sunneva is 20 and lives in Iceland.

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All flights are subject to availability. She had already bought a ticket so I saved money on that because my aunt is amazing. Sunneva's week: Dinner at Metro, free acrylic nails and an amazing nreds cake Today I went out to meet my friend for lunch. We're looking for more people to share what they spend their money on.

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Wyo, you read that correctly. The amount varies by cabin and cruise duration. It was go all out or don't bother so, I did it. I just had work again this morning and then after such a long week of waking up early I had a very big nap.

Who needs some extra Iceland spending money

Facebook has a bunch of places you can find free stuff, stuff for a low price and such. On-board spending money can only be spent whilst sending board. I had my hair done for free, by a professional.

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So I knew I had to get tickets as they had never been to Europe before. If you're interested, please my.

Who needs some extra Iceland spending money

Soem is not applicable to Inside cabins, Early Savers or other promotional prices and cannot be exchanged for a cash alternative. Available on selected off-peak cruises sailing from Southampton for nights when sharing an applicable cabin with two full paying adults.

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All the food was all figured out by Whl amazing mother so I didn't have to spend any money on that. Early in the morning I took a bus, which I didn't have to pay for as I have a yearly season ticket, to get my nails done. I took a bus, again I have a bus card so I didn't have to pay anything for that. She works in a bakery part-time as she has just finished at school.

Who needs some extra Iceland spending money

We reserve the right to withdraw these offers in whole or on individual cruises at spendihg time. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer in whole or on individual cruises at any time.

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I moeny happy to finally just get to relax at home. I don't mind wearing things from other people, the dress, the shoes and the cap all looked new. I do also want to point out the amount of kind people online. It was for a concert in London, for a K-pop group called Seventeen, a group I have been following since How does Pay Monthly work? I also dyed my hair at home but thankfully my mom offered to pay for the dye so I ended up not spending money on that.

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When I woke up for dinner I got a phone call from my aunt and she asked me if I was interested to go see the new Star Wars movie - yes! She recently went head-to-head with another My Money bloggerChelsea Thomas from California, on World Business Report - have a listen to hear Sunneva talk about what she spent her money on this week.

The dress monet the shoes I also got for free from Facebook! The week was a very busy one, I spent a bit more money on food than I would usually do but since I was rarely at home it just happened that way.

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I had work early that morning and the only thing I spent money on were two things for my mother. Yes we are pretty close even though she is 11 years older than me! I am excited for that, even though it was a huge amount of money. The night was so fun, I spent it with my friends and family, and I ended up getting ,oney lot of money as gifts from my family.

I think that's what I'm most happy about this week.

This in 14 equal monthly payments as your holiday must be paid in full 90 days before you depart: 7 night Mediterranean fly-cruise holiday, travelling in October ; cost representative of 2 adults sharing a Sea view cabin on cruise AB. Prices vary by cruise type, date and duration, are subject to availability and may go up or down. Prices may vary for other departure airports. I saved money by doing my make-up myself, instead of getting some professional.

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I had to go help my mother after that so I was busy until dinner time. Her hobbies are art, bullet journalingmusic and make-up. We're particularly keen to hear from disabled people about the extra cash your disability costs you.

I woke up at 8am, and the biggest reason for this is because there were concert tickets that went on sale at 9am. There are so many groups on Facebook that can help with all different occasions, you don't need to buy a very expensive dress to feel beautiful. For bookings made within 90 days of departure the full balance will be due at time of booking. We went to the mall, as she was trying to find some gifts.