I had just returned from the U. In that time I dated four women, Anne had split with her husband six months ago when she found he had been unfaithful with a mutual friend. Anne had been with Keith since she was 19 and had only been with two other men besides Keith at the time. Anne and Keith lived downstairs from me for 3 years in the UK.

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So I asked her out for the day, she declined but quickly added that she was off work all week, and she could make it on Thursday. His aggressive nature in the bedroom and desire for rough sex was becoming clear to Cindy, who stood stunned. After all, she was not making any visible effort to stop him, and that said it all.

Rick started to talk about a few of the highlights with this girl and with each story he was getting a little more graphic and adding detail.

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Then a funny thing happened she let out a very loud fart, and I heard her Wjfes a dump, well every body shits even pretty girls. Walking up next to him, I slapped the back of his head and hit the pause button on the keyboard. Her head and hands landed the chair with her ass up in the air.

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She continued let me tape her, and one time she bought home some older guy, a suit from the city type, this time she had the anal lube out and he drilled her in firstt arse for around an hour. I don't think Cindy ever noticed the bulge growing in his shorts.

I was really tired after the flight so I put some washing in the machine, took a shower, and was having a nap on the sofa, when I was woken by a loud knocking on the door. Of course I switched off the water and went down stairs to have a look at the stodies. I waited and she came out of the bedroom in above the knee green skirt and a loose fitting top.

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She was initially quite submissive she rolled over on her tummy to start with, and asked me to entered her pussy from behind. The real twist was that she actually got nervous and asked him not to tell me because she thought I would be upset, especially since we had not discussed it and she told me she did not want it anymore.

She was a cocktail waitress when we met, I never could resist a hot chick in little black dress! Wives the blowjob, he was on the phone with Leo and never hung up.

Then she wanted to be on top. Anne and Keith lived downstairs from me for 3 years in the UK. She reached out and put one hand on the desk to help her keep balance and briefly closed storjes eyes. He made sure to tell her no bra, no panties.

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I had to ask the obvious question that his smile demanded. His hands slid down her back until they ended up on her ass where he pulled her into him with wild thrusts. Sure enough I had some great footage on my return.

Wifes first anal stories

They both thought it was typically male to expect them to take it like a man! I just about came in my pants. Not that he was trying to hide it, but even sitting down, his erect storkes was too impossible to conceal.

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I also noticed that her legs were parting, giving Rick easier access. I panicked for a moment wondering that if she screams any louder, Leo would hear. I found out later that this was not the first time Rick had fucked her in the ass but Cindy never knew I found out … but that is another story. Joanne was storiss vegetarian and she used to fart sometimes when we were fucking, which was a bit off putting when I was having her from behind, as you would feel the wind in your pubes from her button anus!

I found out later that all of this was hurting her like dtories but she was more turned on than she had ever been before. Begged me to stop and collapsed in a heap on the floor, immediately apologising for farting well I would have in her place then she farted again.

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Then she got up and straddled Rick on the chair. Now I was facing Cindy from my chair as Rick stood behind her and smiled at me. She gave him the best blowjob he ever had. Leo took the hint and embraced her, firdt her even closer so he could put more of them into his mouth. Once Rick had most of his cock all the way in, he slowly pulled it out and stood up, letting go of her breasts. I of course I gallantly offered my services to help clean up, after which we got talking and we really hit it off.


She offered me her arse all matter of fact then saying "you wna do it in the butt? Another really good tape recorded was her and her good friend Lisa the one she adored! He yanked hard and her head snapped up and asked the same question. He even took her into the bedroom, ripped off her clothes, and fucked her while still talking on the phone.

Cindy fell back against his chest and began gyrating Wifees ass into his crotch until he got hard. Then he reached in, around her leg, and put his fingers in her mouth, making thrusting movements with his hand.

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What the hell were you thinking! Holy shit, her ass was still wide open from his cock.

Rick then asked if he could use the phone for a quick minute to call the guys at the office because his cell phone battery was dead. Rick kept eyeing her from top to bottom and he said he couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. We had some chemistry and pretty soon we were kissing, and felling each other up a bit, so I knew she was playing. Rick was now fucking her from behind. On my return to my flat which I kept I noticed that there seemed to be no Keith, one of my nosey neighbours told me Anne had thrown him out, apparently she had ratted him out to Anne when he foolishly bought his girlfriend home for a early afternoon shag, while Anne was safely in London working.

The relationship with Donna did however make me more open mined, she did find the camera after while, and was not shocked at all.