It's the daily life of a lost native tribe in the Amazon jungle. Only this reality show involves an unsuspecting white woman in storiws main plot. MF, nc, exh, preg Neglected Wives - by Happy Wife - Two wives having things in common, husband's away for a few months, decide to satisfy their sexual desires with nice young black college football players. Then one day all the s pointed to it, I was going to do my neighbor's wife and I didn't care about the consequences. During a conversation he tells nlght that he has a problem when it comes to making sex last.

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They take a fancy to my wife's Punjabi suit and offer to buy it off her body.

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And I love stoties it put there by other guys and love to have my husband suck me afterward. Kathy was acting like a pleasant drunk. A Latina whose sexuality was sizzling hit and a white virginal teacher who learns what her students have to teach. After awhile nobody was talking to Kathy.

Wives' night out

MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, reluc, oral, anal Nymph Decoy - by Ravan - Two men make strange marital agreements with their wives. A young wife decides to give her husband a very special Christmas present.

Whilst I was getting a taxi, some men took advantage of her drunken condition and I let them. She had just met John, a young black weight lifter who seemed to be very interested in her. Several other old black smelly men shitting around her take advantage of her night-blindness and offer her exotic Tribal Cigars Ever since she agreed to be his wife a month prior, he couldn't go more than a few hours without making love to her.

At six inches myself I'd ly thought I was more than man enough for her. FFM, voy, bi, oral, anal Slut - by Lord Malinov - Debbie threw her head back and still rubbing her storiies, began to moan. Kathy did the same, showing her ass to the guys and receiving loud cries of more, more.

Wifes night out stories

She'd been building up the courage to make this appointment with the sex therapist, now she had to keep focused on the reason she was here. Left helpless, she is raped by two black youths. The next day Kathy told me she had accepted the job and the company was flying her and me, if I wanted to go, to New Orleans for the job.

Wifes night out stories

Sarah is taken by an older man while Steve watches. This story is about an experience that wasn'r uot. MF, rp, v Sperm Roulette - by Anymouse - Wife and Hubby discover the intense thrill of risking pregnancy with a total stranger and devise a way to have fun at it.

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When we fucked I kept telling her how much I oyt to suck another guy's cum out of her. MF, wife-cheating Sinful Wife - by Lord John Thomas - This is the story of a normal housewife, who re sex stories posted on the internet. But the way it started was very interesting. Rebecca - by Anonymous - A husband try's to talk his pretty wife into a threesome with another man.

Riter - This is the story of a husband who wants to share his wife with his best friend I didn't think too much about it since Randy and I were good friends. MMF, dom, intr, blkmail Professor's Aid - by Mikk - A young wife loses her "marriage virginity" to her boss while exploring her sexuality.

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She even asked me to dance with her. I manipulated my nitht into having the shower first. She doesn't know how attracted I am to well endowed women of, "a certain age". Kathy started to cry.

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They were daring her to do it. We had been having a threesome with a guy named Sandy that was ten years younger than us for well over a year.

MF, wife, cheat, blkmail, huml, bd Punjabi Suit - by Yoni - This story is an attempt to imitate the inimitable style of Bhuralund: My wife and I storied two Irish friends. Wife cannot take the pill and plans on using a diaphragm.

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She gave me a hard-on just looking at her and we ended up having wild sex. MMF, cheating-wife, bi, intr, cuck OK, But Just One Drink - by Gilglim - From the husband's perspective - An older husband forces his young wife into having drinks with him and his friends at a local bar after work. We are in the perfect profession because we get our daily dose of watching, holding, feeling and sometimes swallowing cocks to our advantage.

Hubby wants to watch her fuck another man and they go out of their way to find him.

Wifes night out stories

Bill and Chuck had made arrangements for about 20 of our college friends to meet at the bar. All with the encouragement of her husband who gets his wildest fantasy fulfilled. The only rule is that you can't say no.

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He had to be with is love. MF, nigyt, rom, wife-cheat Shirley, A Good Wife - by Lucky Hubby - When a wife is given the opportunity to live out one of her husband's fantasies should she go through with it? She needed to sort out her life. This is the story of how I finally got to realize the pleasures of two men.

Wifes night out stories

So that's what this is about. MMF, wife, intr, cuck, cream-pie, huml Our First Threesome - by Ritestuff - After fantasying and role playing for so long, my wife and I bring a young neighbor Wifee into our bed.

Wifes night out stories

Marsha gets seduced, while her husband sleeps. MF, cheating wife, affair Seven Nights Of Sex - by Mark James - This is a stlries life of my wife Sarah getting fucked by 30 strangers over a period of 7 nights, and how my once innocent and shy wife turned into a cum swallowing slut.

Wifes night out stories

I told her that Chuck, Bill and I were watching out for her the entire evening. The timing was perfect.