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In fact, his last letter is a breathtakingly beautiful articulation of his whole life's work. Jefferson meant to distribute it amongst philosophes and other men of letters.

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And you chose instead to pursue empire and popular culture and getting and spending and resource development and in doing so, you lost one of humanities real moments. His younger daughter, Maria, Womrn it. It was expunged in the end at the insistence of the Carolinas and, Jefferson implied, several New England slave trading states.

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When he left, she would return to her other estates. The fact that he was ,en dilettante or a Renaissance man opens him to a myriad of interpretation. Jefferson realized that there should be term limits. And so, in a sense, each one was antagonistic to the class that he ought to have, out of self-interest, championed.

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Her youngest son, Madison Hemings, late in his life gave a newspaper interview in Ohio saying that his mother Sally had told him, Madison Hemings, on her deathbed that Jefferson was his father and meetint father of his siblings. If you could be a fly on the wall, what moment of Jefferson's life would you like to see?

Why does he appeal to all sides of our political debate? It is its natural manure.

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And that's where Jefferson breaks down. Secondly, in the dining room at Monticello where most of the important activities would have taken place, Jefferson had trick doors, lazy-Susan doors, wine dumbwaiters and other contrivances to keep the of servants at a minimum, partly because he Wmoen a freer flow of conversation but partly because it wasn't useful to him to advertise the fact that there was so much dependency at Monticello on slave labor.

Jefferson had an intensely powerful relationship with his daughter Martha. And at one point, he says, "I fear to make this conclusion because I may be condemning a whole race of people unjustly.

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That was important. And the worst thing that could happen from Jefferson's perspective was that we would simply imitate the failed institutions of Europe and create European banks, European courts, European monarchy, European social structures and economies here. Then he had attempted three times to send an expedition into the American West. Jefferson remained optimistic until the end.

Drafting the declaration of independence

And Jefferson's last words, although he mumbled things about the committees of correspondence, were "Is it the Fourth? The question is: what policies do we enact to bring that aspiration into being?

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And that prepared him, psychically, for the long struggle against Hamilton and Federalism and what amounts to a counter-revolution that occurred when he returned to this country. In one important moment, Adams talks about the quasi-war in which he felt as President, that there might be a revolution, a coup in this country and he had actually barricaded his doors in the national capital.

Remarks to the members of the international labor press association.

Jeffersonn And late in life, about the time of the Missouri Compromise, he said, "It's like having the wolf by the ears. He didn't alter the foundations of the Hamiltonian system.

And Lewis chose William Clark to be his Jeffersoh and they went off with about 35 men and one woman into the west and were Jefferson's agents in the wilderness. So here's a man who had a rage for order almost unprecedented in American history and yet he was mne to live in a state of almost deplorable dilapidation much of the time.

Sally Hemings remains the notorious mystery of Jefferson's sexual life.

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Walk me around. The first one is what he wrote to Abigail Adams and James Madison when he said, "I like a little rebellion now and then. Secondly, this was an example of gunboat interrested.

It troubled him that Washington, in spite of his instinctive commitment to republic, found himself agreeing with Hamilton much more often than he agreed with Jefferson. Whether Jefferson actually had sexual relations with Sally Hemings is, in some respects, immaterial. But again, he used the moment to produce a universal insight about humanity.

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Talk about his surviving daughters. So, he wanted to Womfn advantage of the moment to abolish slavery. And it, in a sense, is a more interesting set of contrasts than the more famous one between Jefferson and Hamilton. Jefferson, again, tried to keep quiet or play down the fact that his very existence depended upon slave labor.